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The purpose of Pinball News is to be the first port-of-call for pinball players and enthusiasts around the world for all pinball related news and events.

There is now a considerable amount of pinball related information out on the internet and in the trade magazines, so it is Pinball News' mission to collate the important facts, filter out the hype and present it to you on these pages alongside our own exclusive articles and news reports.

We are, and intend to stay, free of all advertising and other clutter. So we're free of charge and free to say exactly what we think without worrying about upsetting the advertisers.

The design is intended to be clean and clear while remaining visually attractive. The main text is always presented in these light yellow panels, so as not to strain the eyes, and every page has links at the bottom of the page to get you around quickly.

There are some tasks that we aren't going to tackle though, such as maintaining a database of machine locations or rulesheets. We wish to support the good work being done elsewhere on these fronts, so we will gladly provide links to sites that provide these services. We encourage you to explore them too.

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