Cody Chunn reports from Chicago, IL, USA:

My first Expo.

The trip to Chicago wasn't too bad since I'm in the same time zone. Arrived at the hotel around 2pm Friday and checked in.

Got my registration packet that was completely devoid of any information on the show. Nothing. A schedule wasn't posted until later.

Played Friday night until the wee hours.

Saturday was a complete washout. Seminars all day (that I didn't pay for) and the hall was closed until 5:30pm. One day wasted. At least I was able to get in some play that evening until around 2am.

I was disappointed in the number of playable games in the hall. And the ones that were there were being moved out at a quick pace and were not being replaced. I was under the impression that games were to stay on the floor until Sunday. It just didn't happen, and the show suffered for it.

I finally got to play Sharkey's Shootout. It was a fun play, but I still like its benefactor, 8 Ball Deluxe, better. The sound package in SSO is very weak.

Two attendees from RGP had the best machines for play. A bank of early solid state WMS and a bank of WPC pins. Other than that, selection was very lean indeed.

Overall, I was disappointed in the number of hours that the hall was closed, and also in the low number of working pins to play. To justify me going again, there will have to be some commitments to have more machines for the duration of the show (until Sunday).

Right now my return is doubtful.

Cody Chunn.


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