October 15, 2004

Day three started early as the game hall was open all night for bleary-eyed players to have their pick of the games.

The US Amusement auction began at 10am but we flew in and are flying out tomorrow, so we couldn't buy any games.  So we decided to give the auction a miss and head off downtown to see the sights before the 3pm seminar.

The 3pm seminar is a unusual for Expo but Saturday seminars have been held in the past.  This one was with artist Doug Watson.

Doug has a long history of pinball art and he spoke about his experiences working on numerous games and the personalities involved.

The Flip-Out tournament continued until 5pm when qualifying closed.  The top players in each category will go on to the next rounds tomorrow.

Outside the hall, the autograph session was held to enable attendees to meet their pinball heroes and get them to sign something.

The hall closed just after 5pm in preparation for the banquet where the special guest speaker was Pat Lawlor.

We will bring you full details of what he had to say in our full Pinball Expo report, but the banquet lasted over four hours so it's almost 2am now and time for bed.




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