Date: October 13th & 14th
Location: Horticultural Hall, York Fairgrounds, York, PA, USA.

Welcome to day one of the White Rose Gameroom Show a.k.a. The York Show.

On a bight, sunny but cold Friday morning the show opened promptly at 10am, having set up the previous day.

Just around the corner was the flea market.

There was a cold breeze blowing through the area which may have dissuaded a few from hanging around for too long. but there was a good selection of random pinball parts, games, neons, manuals and other assorted tools.

Inside the hall, the main show was under way.

Initially, the hall seemed to be lacking quite a few games. Apparently, several people had said they would bring more games than they actually did which meant the organisers had turned down some games they eventually did have space for.

But as the day progressed, a steady trickle of games saw many of those gaps filled.

The mid-afternoon game list reveals 166 games were set up in the hall.

Champion Pub, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park - The Lost World, The Addams Family, Kiss, South Park, Scared Stiff, Judge Dredd, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Whitewater, Congo, Revenge From Mars, Goldeneye, Millionaire, Miss Annabelle, Pinwheel, Jet Spin, Strikes & Spares, Counterforce, Kings Of Steel, Hook, Monopoly, NFL Eagles, NASCAR, Judge Dredd, Scared Stiff, Eight Ball Deluxe (cocktail), Team One, Hot Shots, The Machine - Bride Of Pinbot, Terminator 2, Sweetheart, Mata Hari, Lazer Ball, Golden Arrow, Demolition Man, Countdown, Devil's Dare, World Cup Soccer, Bowling Queen, Central Park, Meteor, F-14 Tomcat, Cue Ball Wizard, No Fear, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Royal Guard, Bazaar, Freddy - A Nightmare On Elm Street, Striker Xtreme, Spring Break, Bad Cats, Time Machine, Sky Kings, Motordome, Hyperball, Pin-Up, Fire, Solar City, Heatwave, Lady Luck, Ice Revue, Corral, Roller Disco, Hyperball, Pinball Magic, Transporter, Light Camera Action, Joker Poker, Demolition Man, Comet, Haunted House, Six Million Dollar Man, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Pool Sharks, Judge Dredd, Roadshow, James Bond, Egg Head, Tropic Isle, Diamond Jack, Wizard, Space Ship, Bobby Orr Power Play, Malibu Beach (bingo), Bounty (bingo), Paragon, Grand Prix (wms), Tri Zone, New World, Fun Land, Beat Time, Waterworld, Tommy, Gilligan's Island, Whitewater, Hurricane, Monopoly, World Cup Soccer, High Speed 2 - The Getaway, Roadshow, Junkyard, Strikes & Spares (bowler), Jungle Queen, Count-Down, Riverboat Gambler, Fun Land, Super-Flite, Doodle Bug, Royal Flush, Nudge-It, Farfalla, Devil's Dare, Riverboat Gambler, Indianapolis 500, High Speed 2 - The Getaway, Twilight Zone, Jurassic Park - The Lost World, The Machine - Bride Of Pinbot, Wipe Out, Waterworld, The Addams Family, Bram Stoker's Dracula, F14 - Tomcat, Jackbot, Baywatch, Back To The Future, Star Wars Trilogy, Chicago Cubs Triple Play, Pinbot, Millionaire, Time Machine, Monday Night Football, Diner, Dr Dude, Hurricane, Demolition Man, World Cup Soccer, Star Trek - The Next Generation, Scared Stiff, Space Station, Super Score, Ice Revue, Liberty Bell, Night Rider, Twister, Viper Night Drivin', Creature From The Black Lagoon, Harley Davidson, South Park, The Addams Family, Junkyard, Pirates Of The Caribbean (Stern) & Pirates Of The Caribbean (Zizzle).

Even with that number of games in the hall, as you can see there was plenty of space between the rows and the show never appeared crowded, at least on the first day. Whether that was because it was Friday we'll see later today.

You may have spotted the two different Pirates Of The Caribbean games in the games list above.

Here they are for the first time, the two games side-by-side. The Zizzle game will be the game for the kids competition at the forthcoming PA Home Gameroom Show and it will also be the prize for the winner. We'll have more on this game - including how it is built and how it plays - soon here in Pinball News.

Besides the pinball games, there were also a number of video games scattered around:

Galaga, Capcom Bowling, Narc, Millipede, Time Pilot, Police Trainer, Area 51, Congo Bongo, Zaxxon, Multicade, Golden Tee, Multi-Games, Asteroids and Pacman.

The outer edges of the room were occupied by the vendors.

The selection of spares, parts, games and components available was excellent with some great deals to be had.

Vendors present were:

Bruce Nightingale's Pinball Lifter, Let's Play Pinball, Jimmy Rosen, Freeplay Entertainment, M&P Amusements, Mayfair Amusements, Pinball Barn, Silverball Express, Best Amusements, The Collectibles Store, Classic Arcades, BC's Pinball Amusements, Pinball Parts Plus and Mike's Pinball Palace.

Show organisers Marlin Barshinger and Eric Selak

Each entrant received a ticket for the regular door prize draws and also for the big prize draw later today where the winner receives a Laser Cue pinball game.

After ten hours of pinball action, the show closed at 8pm on Friday night. You can see what happened on Saturday here.

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