Location: Grillenhofstraße, 3040 Neulengbach, Austria

Pinball fans in Austria now have somewhere to immerse themselves in the battle between man and silver ball.

Daniel Schmatz has opened a pinball, pool and darts arcade in Neulengbach and he has fifteen pinball games permanently set up to play:

Austin Powers - Stern
Big Guns - Williams
Fish Tales - Williams
Funhouse - Williams
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure - Williams
Jokerz! - Williams
Little Chief - Williams
NBA Fastbreak - Bally
Revenge From Mars - Bally
Ro Go - Bally
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Williams
The Addams Family - Bally
The Flintstones - Williams
Twilight Zone - Bally
World Cup Soccer - Bally

All the games are priced at € 0,50 per game of 3 balls and each game's high score is recorded on the arcade's web site. In addition to the pinball games, there are two electronic darts boards, two pool tables and two table football (or foosball) games.

The "flipperhalle" opened for business on November 21st last year and Daniel told Pinball News why he started the business.  "Because in Austria there are no pinballs in restaurants (like there were 10 years ago) and only a few very damaged machines in gamerooms. I'm a collector and decided to start the project."

Although there will always be the same number of games, the games themselves will change roughly every six months.

The games are available for public play or for private hire on Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 11:30pm and Sundays 4pm-9pm together with the evening before public holidays from 6pm to 11:30pm to get you in the pinball mood for the holiday.

Tell them you saw this article on Pinball News and you will receive five free games on your first visit to the Eitle Spielhalle.


Pinball News reader Victor Perkins visited in the summer of 2006 and offers his advice on finding the location and on pinball in Vienna:

It was an easy train ride, about half an hour, from the city and the trip was well worthwhile. I was very pleasantly received by the enthusiast-owner and I discovered several of my favourite machines (e.g. Taxi, Funhouse, Road Show) in tip-top condition.

I recommend a visit but because I had difficulty finding my way to the spielhalle I offer the following advice:

- leave the station on the side that the train from Vienna arrives and check by making sure that you can see the Spar supermarket down the hill on your left and across the road.

- Walk down towards Spar and turn right off Bahnstrasse at the Spar corner into Ulmenhofstrasse.

- On to Almersbergstrasse, cross a brook, pass Bilkogasse (!), then up a steep hill to find Grillenhofstrasse on your right.

- You're there.

If your visit to Vienna is brief, you'll be glad to know that there is good pinball on offer in at least two of the arcades in the Prater fairground. I played Medieval Madness and Arabian Nights, among others, on machines that were in pretty good nick.

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