Date: May 2010
Location: The Atrium Camberley, Park Street, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3PT, UK.

Report by Richard Thomas

I came across a new pinball machine that's close to where I live.  It's the Batman one and I found it in the Bowlplex amusement gaming area of The Atrium in Camberley, Surrey.

Batman at The Atrium
Batman at The Atrium

The Atrium has a wide selection of amusements, including racing games and crane grabbers.  All of the arcade machines are open for walk-in visitors, not only those visitors using the bowling alley.

I bought 20 machine tokens for £10 and went over to the pinball machine.  It needs two tokens (£1 worth) per play, each game being 3 balls. I found that it often rejected the tokens I was putting in it, but after a few re-tries I managed to get it to accept them.

The playfield was in good condition and all the lights were in operation. The only exception was that in the 10 games I played, the ball got stuck twice at the top of the playfield; right at the top of one of the dividers that make up the 3 lanes that the ball passes through. This worked out in my favour in the end, as the machine detected the ball being stuck and went through a ball search to try and free the ball.  When that didn't work, it launched a second ball into the playfield, so I had 2 balls for the price of one.

There is a snack bar in the arcade with soft drinks and refreshments.  There is also a pub right next door and in the Atrium area outside the Bowlplex are a number of family restaurants.

Parking is easy - just follow the signs to the Atrium multi-storey car park.  It's one where you collect the ticket on the way in and pay on the way out.


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