SITES 2014

Location: Various, in and around Chicago, Illinois, USA
Report date: October, 2014

Report by Dan Marquardt

Last year, in anticipation of the hundreds of visitors to Pinball Expo, Dan Marquardt detailed many of the quality pinball locations available in the greater Chicago area. For 2014 he has updated his list and added a number of new locations.

Over the past year, the Chicago area has seen a dramatic increase in the number of locations featuring pins.

In 2014, the Logan Arcade opened and Headquarters Beercade and Emporium Arcade Bar both added second locations. Also, the Chicago Street Pinball Arcade just opened in downtown Joliet.

I was unable to get out to a lot of the locations to give reports and updates like I wanted to, but I did put together this list of the locations I reported on already, together with some updates. I also listed the sites I am looking forward to visiting as soon as I can. The Pinball Rebel website has additional locations with pins in the Chicago area.

1. Logan Arcade - Chicago
See report
Logan Arcade

2. Headquarters Beercade (Lakeview) - Chicago
See previous report
Headquarters Beercade (Lakeview)

3. Emporium Arcade Bar (Wicker Park) - Chicago
See previous report
Update: Williams Demolition Man and a Stern Mustang have been added.
Emporium Arcade Bar (Wicker Park)

4. Lemming's Tavern - Chicago
See previous report
Update: Monster Bash with a ColorDMD display and a Metallica on tournament are the current pins.
Lemming's Tavern

5. Brixie's - Brookfield
See previous report
Update: Current line up is Medieval Madness with a ColorDMD display, The Walking Dead Pro, and a Stern Spider-Man.

6. Galloping Ghost Arcade - Brookfield
See previous report
Galloping Ghost Arcade

7. Game Works - Schaumburg
See previous report
Game Works

Here is the list of pin locations that I have not yet reported on. I have listed their websites and some additional information about them.

8. Bottom Lounge - Chicago
Pinball list courtesy of Gavin Miller: Bobby Orr Power Play x 2, Seawitch, The Addams Family, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Funhouse, Gilligan's Island, The Champion Pub, Metallica and Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball.

9. Blind Robin - Chicago
Pinball list update courtesy of owner/operator Gavin Miller: Attack From Mars with a ColorDMD, Funhouse, and a Batman Dark Knight (soon to be replaced with an AC/DC Premium or The Walking Dead).

10. Headquarters Beercade (River North) - Chicago
Headquarters' second location features over twenty top pins which are listed on their website.

11. Emporium Arcade Bar (Logan Square) - Chicago
Second Emporium location with a few pins.

12. Imperial Oak Brewing - Willow Springs
New microbrewery with owner/operator Rob Kokot's Avengers LE and Stern Star Trek.
Imperial Oak Brewing

13. Chicago Street Pinball Arcade - Joliet
A just-opened pinball arcade in downtown Joliet.

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