Location: Narashino, Chiba Prefecture, Hamamatsu 1-1-2, Japan
Report date: September 2015

Report by John

DEEP is a small game centre located in the main shopping street near the Keisei Line Okubo Station(京成大久保駅).

DEEP game centre
DEEP game centre

Their only pinball was located near the entrance of game centre:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern, 2006)

DEEP's sole pinball
DEEP's sole pinball

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean

The pinball was merely in a playable condition. It seems it lacked any regular maintenance and the ball had been badly worn.

New balls, please!
New balls please!

I also found another game - Jacks Open (Gottlieb,1977) - in the centre. It is one of my favourite games, but it was totally non-functional which was quite disappointing!

Jacks Open, but it can't be played
Jacks Open, but it can't be played

Here is some additional information about the DEEP game centre:

  • Opening hours: 11am - midnight

  • Public transport: Three minute walk from Keisei Line Okubo Station (京成大久保駅)

  • Admission fee: Free

  • Pinball cost: Yen50 (~USD 0.40) per 3-ball game

  • Website:

  • Comments: The pinball was in playable condition

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