Mike Parkins & Christina Staines report on perhaps the best place to play The Simpsons Pinball Party.

Location: Dr Quirkes, O'Connell St, Dublin, Ireland.

Discovered in Dublin - Right in the heart of the Irish capital, halfway up O'Connell street and adjacent to the astonishing 'Spire of Dublin' is a large amusement arcade called Dr.Quirkes.

It features most of the usual suspects, cranes, pushers, simulators of all types, even a dodgems arena.

What catches the eye when you enter, however, is a row of shiny new Stern Pinball machines - Three Simpsons Pinball Party and a Rollercoaster Tycoon, all set up with the TOPS tournament play system.

There was no other signage to tell visitors how to claim their prizes and the TOPS displays still had some 'default' scores scrolling across. All machines were in A1 condition (probably down to the very recent installation) and the sound levels were all at maximum, i.e. ear-splitting volume, making it difficult to concentrate when the adjacent machines were being played.

Oddly, there was no music to be heard during play, apart from the initial 'The Simpsons...' line from the beginning of the TV show.

We soon tired of entering our names and PIN codes after every half-decent game and played mostly normal double games until our ears could take no more! Unlike the Playboy machine at the London 'Casino' arcade, there was no financial penalty for tournament play. All games cost €1 or 3 games for €2.

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