Location: 2010 Josephine Street, Pittsburgh's South Side

Report by Dan Burfield

Games N' AT- Pittsburgh's Largest Video Arcade

pinball layout

Games N' AT in Pittsburgh, PA is located right in the hippest part of town, the South Side. After months of trying to get down there, I finally found myself nearby doing business and checked it out.

It's not hard to find, right off a major thru-fare and the building is painted with Pac-Mans and Space Invaders. As soon as I entered the place, I was overwhelmed by the entire layout. I wanted to run right in like when I was a kid and start playing. Instead, I was greeted by the owner, Bill Jones. He was the coolest guy to talk to. He told me that he and his wife opened this operation in April 2003. I asked if it was okay to do an article and we talked a little bit about pinball. He does some of own repairs and gets help when he needs. He knows mostly EM work but when it comes to boards he calls a guy. He introduced me to Jesse of the Pinball UnderDogs . Jesse belongs to this local group with the best list of pinball locations in Pittsburgh I've ever seen. Also a very friendly guy.

pinballs too

The games are all on free play and you pay a very low price at the door. This includes free play by the hour on every machine in the place plus the pool tables.

The full list of current Pinball machines include:

  • KISS
  • Lord of The Rings
  • Addams Family
  • Steelers NFL
  • South Park
  • Elvira and The Party Monsters
  • Rescue 911
  • Star Trek - '91 Data East
  • Simpson's Pinball Party

kiss pinball

Today I played KISS for the first time. I've never seen one alive and in person.
I did pretty well on Steelers' NFL (Stern) for a few games.
Then I dug into Elvira and did okay. There's a lot of things going on in this pin. Elvira and The Party Monsters is a very fun pin. Too bad Elvira is only putting her name on Slot Machines these days but those machines make far more money than a pinball. With a little skill, you can really stretch a quarter in a pinball machine.

The one that made me laugh was Rescue 911. If you've never seen it before, when you make a left side loop-back, a helicopter on a plastic arm goes into action and rotates a half circle above the playfield and takes the ball. All the while a chopper sound is made and a tiny propeller spins.

Games N' AT also has the Alley Cats shuffle alley bowler. Bowlers are my second favorite coin-op machine. Another favorite of mine are racer games. They have one of the best by far - Arctic Thunder. I can never find this game anymore. It sports a turbo charged snow mobile with vibration and a tiny fan to mimic racing through the wilderness. Love it. I took a few spins on that too. The place also features a wide array of old video games. Pac-Man, Asteroids and Donkey Kong were among them.


pool hall

I love this place. I only wish I'd had more time today. I could easily get lost in here for hours.



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