Location: 504 Lake Park Ave. (between Rand Ave. & Lakeshore Ave.), Oakland,
CA 94610, USA
Date: April 2010

Report by Jonny O

The Heart and Dagger saloon recently opened and is the newest pinball venue in the Bay Area.  And they weren’t shy about giving pinball a try with three great '90s games to play.

The Heart And Dagger Saloon

I missed their grand opening, but fortunately Heart and Dagger is stumbling distance from where I hang my hat so I made a trip down the following week. 

Located in the popular Lakeshore area of Oakland between shops, several popular restaurants and a movie theater, the venue features a full bar, pool table and a patio in back.  There are also a couple video games including a classic cocktail game next to the window.  It works as both a stop off for a few quick games and a drink, or an all night hang out. 

Inside the Heart And Dagger Saloon

Friday night rewarded me with a nice helping of pinball and something of a surprise: a wait.  I actually had to wait to play pinball for the first time in a long time.  This was fine since it encouraged many people to play doubles or better. 

Several players who have never seen a bounce pass, drop catch or post pass quickly started asking questions about how to get better.  It was a fun atmosphere to show off a few skills and meet some new people.

The games at the Heart and Dagger Saloon

On one visit I noticed a few issues with the games and left a message for the owners.  They were quick to respond and contact the route operator.  On the next trip to Heart and Dagger I was happy to see everything was fixed and even more people playing. 

If you happen to be in the area or planning to catch a movie next door, stop by and drop in a few quarters.


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