Hilander Manager and Pinball News reader Beau Little tells us about his site.

Location: Hilander, off I-5 at Kelso, Washington, USA.

We have over 30 amusement games, a recently remodelled 16 lane bowling centre, a full service restaurant, a lounge with live entertainment, and a miniature golf course.

The building we are currently in right now is not huge therefore the game room is the smallest, but we have probably one one of the nicest selections of pinballs in Southwest
Washington. As of right now Hilander has an Addams Family that is in awesome shape with hardly even a mark on it (used for 2 years and then put into storage for 7 years). I dug it out this year and couldn't believe we didn't have this game out on the floor.

We also have a Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, and a Revenge from Mars. The machines work 100% and are always very clean, and fast. I think most collectors would drool at the awesome shape of these machines.

They are in such good shape because of the large amount of maintenance and care we put into them. These machines are superb! As of now we are planning on moving into a much larger building in about 6 months, which would include more room for pinballs.

When we move, games that will be pulled out of storage include, No Good Gofers, Twilight Zone, Demolition Man, Monopoly, and High Roller Casino making a total of nine pinballs. Not all will probably be out at the same time, but most of them will be.

Should be interesting!!

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