Pinball News reader Caroline Freeman reports from England east coast.

Location: Thomas's Amusements, Hunstanton, North Norfolk.
Report date: May 2003

I just got back form a quick break at the good old British seaside and thought I'd let you know of some pinball machine finds. Sorry there's no pics - we forgot to take the camera :o/

This huge amusement arcade on the seafront houses an impressive array of video games, old-fashioned 2p 'waterfall' machines, a kid's area and even a small 10 pin bowling alley.

At the very back, next to the bowling, are three pinball machines - Revenge from Mars, Twilight Zone and Bram Stoker's Dracula. All three appear to be very clean, well-maintained and in good working order, and cost only £1 for 4 games. My one complaint is that they are positioned so close together I occasionally knocked knuckles with the player next to me. Oh, and the high score of well over 3 billion on the Twilight Zone was sadly way beyond my reach!

All in all, a fab arcade in which to lose an afternoon or two, and more fun than should be permitted to be had from a bag of 2p's! ;o)


Unfortunately the pinballs have now been removed from Thomas's Amusements, so if you want to play pinball, there really is "Norfolk Enchants".

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