Location: 4/F of Seaside Mall in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
Report date: February 2013, updated September 2014

Report by John

Our roving reporter John first reviewed Itchome Shopping Street in Odaiba a year ago. Now he returns to see what's new and how the games have stood up since his last visit.

During the Chinese New Year holidays in February 2013, I visited Tokyo with my wife on our leisure trip.

On day two, after leaving Toy Sapiens, we continued to our fourth and final pinball location of the day - Odaiba Itchome Shopping Street. This is my 'must-go' pinball location each time I visit Tokyo, since it the single location in the city with the greatest number of pinballs.  In addition, my wife can go to her favourite fashion shops while I am playing pinball. 

We arrived at the Seaside Mall in Odaiba in the evening.

Seaside Mall in Odiaba
Seaside Mall in Odaiba

Itchome Shopping Street
Itchome Shopping Street

Entertainment Street
Entertainment Street

Iron Man guards the entrance
Iron Man guards the entrance

There was a total of ten pinballs and a mini-golf game:

  • Big Hit (Gottlieb, 1977)
  • Batman (Data East, 1991)
  • Harley Davidson 3rd Edition (Stern, 2003)
  • The Lord of the Rings (Stern, 2003)
  • Surfer (Gottlieb, 1976)
  • Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World (Gottlieb, 1992)
  • Star Wars (Data East, 1992)
  • Street Fighter II (Gottlieb, 1993)
  • Grand Prix (Williams,1976)
  • Hook (Data East, 1992).
  • Little Pro (Bromley, 1990)

This time, I found two new machines: a Grand Prix (Williams,1976) and Hook (Data East, 1992).  I first saw Grand Prix when I was a child and of course my memory of it is quite vague. As for Hook, I had only ever seen one in a YouTube video.

Other than these two, I of course played my lovely pinball Big Hit. Unfortunately, the flippers were quite weak and therefore I could not get either a high score or a replay this time.

Other than pinballs, I also spent some time playing the video games Donkey Kong, Operation Wolf, and Super Hang-On.  These last two were famous games of the late 1980s when I was a secondary school student.

Operation Wolf
Operation Wolf

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong

Super Hang-On
Super Hang-On

This time, I found that there was a larger number of games than last time I visited in early 2012. The Odaiba Itchome Shopping Street is a definitely fun place for everyone, whether you are a pinball lover or not.

We left around 8pm, and then took a onsen bath at the Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari in Odaiba.

Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari in Odaiba
Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari in Odaiba

Finally, day two of this trip ended at 10:00pm.

UPDATE - 29th September 2014

There hasn't been much change since my last visit in February 2013. Only one new machine - a Satin Doll - has been introduced into this centre during the past eighteen months.

Satin Doll
Satin Doll

There was a total eleven pinballs, as follows:

  • Big Hit (Gottlieb, 1977) - condition: average

  • Surfer (Gottlieb, 1976) - condition: good

  • Satin Doll (Williams., 1975) - condition: average

  • Grand Prix (Williams,1976) - condition: good

  • The Lord of the Rings (Stern, 2003) - condition: good

  • Harley Davidson 3rd Edition (Stern, 2003) - condition: good

  • Batman (Data East, 1991) - condition: good

  • Street Fighter II (Gottlieb, 1993) - condition: average

  • Star Wars (Data East, 1992) - condition: average

  • Hook (Data East, 1992) - condition: average

  • Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World (Gottlieb, 1992) - condition: average

The first seven machines
The first seven machines: Big Hit, Surfer, Satin Doll, Grand Prix,
The Lord of the Rings, Harley Davidson & Batman

The next three: Street Fighter II, Star Wars & Hook
The next three: Street Fighter II, Star Wars & Hook

Super Mario Bros Mushroom World
Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World

All of the machines were kept in conditions ranging from good to average. It is still a paradise for pinball lovers like me, and I stayed there for around two hours.

Here is some additional information about Retro Game Centre at Odaiba Itchome Shopping Street:

  • Transportation: A two minute walk from Odaiba Seaside Park station (お台場海浜公園駅) on the ゆりかもめ line, or a five minute walk from the Teleport station 東京テレポート駅 on the りんかい line

  • Business hours: 11am - 9pm

  • Website: www.odaiba-decks.com

  • Comments: All of the machines were in good/acceptable working condition.

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