Location: South of Orlando city centre, Florida, USA.

The Power Play arcade at Orlando Intentional Airport is unusual in two respects. First, it has three pinball games - and they are all from Stern. Second, they're in excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically.

The Austin Powers is the oldest of the three but it could have come straight out of the box. It's only when you see a game like this that you remember what vibrant colours the playfield actually has beneath the usual layer of dirt found on most site games.

The Monopoly is similarly clean although a night playing another Monopoly at Gators Dockside meant we passed up the chance to play this one.

The RollerCoaster Tycoon was much like the others. The only criticism of this one is a piece of plastic tubing fitted to the top of the rocket kicker which caused some ball hangups but presumably stops the ball falling off the wireform. It required some moderate shaking of the game to free the ball, although during multiball it frees itself eventually.

The games operate on tokens (25¢ each) with each game costing 50¢, 5 games for $2, and on all the games the outlane adjusters were set to their widest settings. That made the games quite short, though the replay value on the Austin Powers was sufficiently low that you got free games quite easily.

One suggestion is to add a clock to the arcade. As we all know, it's very easy to lose track of time when playing pinball (and most other games too) and at an airport that can have dire consequences. That apart, this is an excellent place to catch up on Stern's newest games and as the arcade is before any ticket checks you don't even need to be flying to play.

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