Site report by Graham Lundegaard.

Location: Grand Casino Arcade, Penzance, Cornwall, England.

Simpsons Pinball Party: This is a nice amusement arcade with a good selection of machines including several old Allwin flickball machines.

It used to have three old but well maintained pinballs until recently. These have now been replaced with the new Simpsons pinball.

Unfortunately the machine seemed to develop different faults each day;

- Lost pinball message kept appearing. Fault now fixed.

- Not enough power for ball to reach top playfield. Intermittent.

- Playfield score/bonus lamps not working so you cannot see what you are supposed to be aiming at. Still faulty but I expect they will fix it soon.

With this level of reliability no wonder pinball machines are disappearing from arcades. 50p per game. English up posts fitted. Get good at these and you can play all day without loosing a ball.

Got bored in the end, clocked up to many replays.


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