Location: Old Compton Street, London W1, UK

Updated 9th April 2008

Yet another former pinball site is returning to the game.

The Play 2 Win used to get all the latest Premier games and usually threw a new Williams/Bally game into the mix. While a brand new Mario Andretti game might not thrill too many players now, it was always a good idea to check out the newest game, just in case.

At one time they had both the Pinball 2000 games, plus the latest two games from Sega/Stern. There were long queues to play all these games, especially the Pinball 2000s.

And then they just vanished.

A change in priorities meant the pinball had to go and some shoot-em up video games came in. There were no queues for the videos, because nobody played them.

It stayed that way for a couple of years, but then they dipped their toe back into the pinball pool last year with a Stern Terminator 3 game which played well and was usually busy.

Now they've moved on and replaced it with a Lord of the Rings from Stern.

The games cost 50p each, 2 for £1 and 5 for £2 which is standard London pricing. All the features work and the flippers are good and strong. The only downside is the strong lean to one side which should be an easy fix.

It's good to see the return of pinball continuing at this location. Now both Play2Wins (the other reviewed here) have new Stern games and they seem to be taking in the money. Let's hope it's the start of better things to come.

Updated 9th April 2008 by Richard Thomas

In addition to the Lord Of The Rings reported above, there is now a Pirates Of The Caribbean as well.


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