Location: 477 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
Date: September 2013

Report by John

In September 2013, my wife and I had our first trip to the east coast of the USA (New York City and Orlando), and to Canada (Vancouver).

After leaving The Fifth Estate, we proceeded to the Skylark bar. We arrived at there around 8pm and it was already full of guests.  Nobody approached me to order a drink, therefore I could spend all of my money on the pinballs.

The Skylark bar
The Skylark bar

Inside the bar
Inside the bar

The bar had the following two pinballs:

  • Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (Bally, 1979)
  • Metallica Pro (Stern, 2013)

The bar's two pinballs
The bar's two pinballs

Harlem Globetrotters on Tour
Harlem Globetrotters on Tour

The live band

I had seen the Harlem Globetrotters pinball when I was a child.  It was amazing since this was only the second time I'd seen it in my life.  It was also super value for money, since two 5-ball games only cost $1.00.  Surprisingly, given its age, its condition was still good.

I stayed at the bar for an hour and then returned to my hotel in a satisfied mood.

Additional information about Skylark bar is as follows:

  • Opening hours: 11am-4am
  • Subway: 4 Av (lines F & G) plus another 5-minute walk

  • Pinball cost: $1.00 for a 3-ball game of Metallica Pro and $0.50 per 5-ball game on Harlem Globetrotters On Tour

  • Website:

  • Comments: Two pinballs were kept in good condition. 

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