Deep in the heart of London's West End lies a small area that will forever be Scotland.

The William Wallace pub - just off Marleybone High Street, behind Waitrose - leaves you in no doubt about its Scottish theme.

From the large Braveheart movie poster, through the Scottish flags that bedeck the bar to the Scottish beers.

The small interior is very old-fashioned but pleasingly decorated in dark wood and tobacco yellow paintwork on the walls and ceiling.

There's plenty of seating, especially during the day - on this Thursday afternoon there were only 3 customers which increased as the evening rolled-on. There was almost no background music which was very welcome.

So what of the pinball?

Just inside the left-hand door is a Bally Revenge From Mars.

Priced at 50p per game (or 2 games for £1, 5 games for £2) it's at standard central London prices but due to the nature of the game, replays are almost impossible to achieve.

The flippers are strong but the outlanes are set to their maximum width and the right outlane in particular suck the ball into the outhole. The same is sometimes true of the "Stroke of Luck" kickout which heads SDTM about 20% of the time.

Other problems include the left loop not registering, a fault shared on occasion with the right rollover lane at the top. The centre ramp seems to deploy at inopportune moments, whereas the right ramp standup target doesn't work. The game also has only 2 balls installed.

On the plus side, the display is in good condition and the sound is set to a decent volume.

In keeping with the theme, there's a distinctly Scottish flavour to the beers on sale. There's one real ale - Deuchars IPA - as well as Calders. To these are added the usual Castlemaine XXXX (that should be in interesting company in a search engine's results!), Blackthorne cider, Stella Artois, Carlsberg and the Export variety.

So in conclusion, a good pub for playing pinball but I found it a very frustrating game and it cost more to play pinball than it did to buy the beer. To be fair, the Deuchars IPA was very nice and not too expensive at £2.15 per pint.


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