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Well, it's been a busy Easter bank holiday weekend down here on the east coast as usual, and if Pinball News readers are not already aware there are loads of arcades on Yarmouth seafront, but sadly the pinball is really thin on the ground.

Picture © Greater Yarmouth Tourist Authority

I braved the crowds of holiday makers and scoured every single arcade, ignoring the vast seas of fruit machines and novelty games which seem to take up the majority of the arcades floor space and found a meager four games in total.

First up there is the Britannia Pier arcade which has a personal favourite of mine, Scared Stiff, which I pumped endless pound coins into last summer. Although the game was switched off a week ago the machine is now working again and playing nicely, although it does have a slightly mis-aligned left flipper and dead spider in the backbox.

Next up is the Majestic, this is the only arcade with 2 machines , both of which are a bit grubby but playable, Revenge From Mars and South Park, a steal at just 30p per credit but the odd thing here is that both of these machines are fixed to a base, so you can forget about nudging, death saving or banging the ball back! -despite this I rather enjoyed RFM and managed a score of about 70M for most of my games! ;-)

And finally the newest addition is in the Lesuireland Amusements just next door, A brand new shiny Rollercoaster Tycoon, a fun and playable if easy game this and the sound bites are a bit cutesy and annoying (maybe it's meant for kids? Ha!) but it is in A1 condition so well worth 50p a pop.

To summarise, if you are planning to be in this neck of the woods then it's worth a visit - I live about 15 miles outside of Yarmouth but non-locals who visit places just to play pinball may want to think of somewhere else!

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