The Super Slam Showdown is the main pinball tournament of the South Coast Slam 2014.

And the winner of the 2014 Super Slam Showdown is Lukasz Romanowski with Alain Boulieu second and Michel Dailly third.

The top 3 in the Super Slam Showdown tournament
The top 3 in the Super Slam Showdown tournament:
Alain Boulieu (2nd), Lukasz Romanowski (1st) and Michel Dailly (3rd)

Here are the play-off standings. In the semi-finals were Greg Mott (GRE), Alain Boulieu (AB), Lukasz Romanowski (LUK), David Dutton DBD), Michel Dailly (LKJ) and Richard Rothwell-Jackson (RRJ).

The Super Slam Showdown play-offs
The Super Slam Showdown play-offs
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Alain, Lukasz and Michel progressed to the final, while Greg, David and Richard played for 4th-6th places.

Here are the full results for all 103 players who played at least one game and submitted their score card:

Pos Name Qfy Qtr Semi Final
1 Lukasz Romanowski y y y y
2 Alain Boulieu y y y y
3 Michel Dailly y y y y
4 David Dutton  y y y
5 Richard Rothwell-Jackson  y y y
6 Greg Mott y y y
7= Adam Thomson y y
7= Andrew Shillabeer y y
7= Jean-Philippe Passarieu  y y
7= Martin Ayub y y
7= Thomas Evrenos y y
7= Will Dutton  y y
13= Andrew Foster y
13= CJ Brown y
13= Craig Pullen y
13= Franck Bona y
13= Graham Owen y
13= Jim Lindsay y
13= Justin Walker y
13= Mark Potter y
13= Nathan Garwood  y
13= Nick Marshall y
13= Stephane Swaenepoel y
13= Tim Slow y
25= Ad Jonker
25= Aid Cooper 
25= Alan Pickering
25= Andrew Wilson
25= Andy Ball 
25= Aron Makkai
25= Ben Fullick
25= Ben Pike 
25= Bob Pickering
25= Chris Edis
25= Chris Horner
25= Clara Boulieu
25= Dan Bradford
25= Dan Lewell
25= Daniel Wallace
25= Dave Sanders
25= Dave Willcox
25= David Blake
25= David Mainwaring
25= Edward Duckworth
25= Elliott Miles
25= Emma Oliver
25= Eric Rousseau
25= Gaz Shiells
25= Graeme Haynes
25= Harry Bolt
25= Helmut Langenbruch
25= Ian Wallace
25= Ian York
25= Ivan Miles
25= James Baker
25= James Sperring
25= James Watson
25= Janos Kiss
25= John Bateson
25= John Whitfield
25= Julie Chambers 
25= Kate Morris
25= Laurence Boulieu
25= Levi Banks
25= Lloyd Marchant
25= Lynda Williams
25= Malc Lashley
25= Mark Peasley
25= Mark Slade
25= Mark Squires
25= Mark St George
25= Martin Borrill
25= Matt Vince
25= Michael Ebblewhite
25= Michael Mattsson
25= Mike Cottrell
25= Mike Kindler
25= Neil Fellender
25= Nick Dean
25= Nick Hamill
25= Nick Hill
25= Nigel Baker
25= Oliver York
25= Owen Richards
25= Paul Brock
25= Paul Garner
25= Paul Owen
25= Paul Simmons
25= Peter Blakemore
25= Rob Taylor
25= Robin Kemp
25= Roger Valentine
25= Romain Fontaine
25= Rory Golding
25= Rudi Drake
25= Sverker Nordqvist 
25= Tim Thornton
25= Tom Bottomley
25= Tom Hare
25= Tony Hawkins
25= Tony Smith
25= Vin Jauhal
25= Wayne Johns

More details of the Super Slam Showdown and the rest of the South Coast Slam coming soon on Pinball News.

Once again, the Pinball News team will have a selection of machines for you to play and qualify for the play-off rounds. The tournament is open to everyone and we encourage all Slam visitors to join in the fun. There will be trophies for the top players and everyone who takes part will earn World Pinball Player Ranking points.

The Super Slam Showdown is held on Saturday 19th April with the first games starting at 10am. Qualifying will run until 3:45pm with the qualifiers announced shortly afterwards. The play-offs will begin at 4pm

Due to the increasing popularity of the tournament each time, pre-registration was the only way to guarantee a place in the Super Slam Showdown. Pre-registration was open for the whole of March during which 102 players signed up and bought their entries at a special discounted rate.

Pre-registration is now closed for the Super Slam Showdown 2014.

A limited number of on-the-day entries will be made available at the Super Slam Showdown tournament desk from 10am on the Saturday, and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

For further details of how the format works, the overall rules, who has pre-registered, and how to get in touch with the organisers, just click on the links above.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Super Slam Showdown at the South Coast Slam.

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