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The UK Pinball Classic

When: Saturday 13th August 2010 & Sunday 14th August 2010 (separate events)

Qualifying: 10am - 4pm

Restrictions: Aged 14 or below

Price: £1 per game (in addition to show entry), no pre-registration required

Prizes: Trophies & medals for 1st - 3rd placed players

WPPR points awarded: No

Tournament head: Anne Raison

The UK tournaments team have brought back the popular Kids Tournament for 2010.

Held on a designated machine, it is a simple high score competition where the player with the highest score when the last game has ended is declared the winner.

Players can play their games at any time during the qualifying period by paying their £1 to the tournament official. You can enter as many times as you like although only your highest score of the day counts.

Two sets of prizes will be awarded - one set for the players with the highest scores on Saturday and a second set for Sunday's best players.  If possible, the awards for Saturday's tournament will be given at the evening's dinner and Sunday's will be given after the tournament ends at 4pm.

For further details of the UK Pinball Kids Tournament and all the other tournaments, see the Rules section.


No pre-registration is required to play in the UK Pinball Kids Tournament. Just turn up and play as often as you like for £1 per game.

For the consideration of other competitors, only one game may be played at a time if there are other competitors waiting to play.