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The UK Pinball Classic

When: Friday 13th August 2010

Qualifying: 7pm - 10pm (approx)

Semi-finals, play-offs and final: 10pm - 10:45pm (approx)

Price: £10 per team (in addition to show entry), pre-registration required

Maximum number of teams: 16

Prizes: Trophies & medals for 1st placed team, medals for 2nd - 4th placed teams

WPPR points awarded: No

Tournament head: Nick Marshall

The UK's only team tournament returned with a full compliment of 16 teams competing for the title of UK Pinball Team Tournament champions.

Wild Zero:
Greg Mott, Eddie Mole,
Peter Blakemore, Nick Hill
Team Finland:
Olli-Mikko Ojamies, Jussi Kahola,
Timo Valkonen, Ilkka Hieta
The Creatures from the North:
Garry Speight, Eddie Lehan,
David Dutton, William Dutton
Redeye Pinball - Scotland:
John Higgins, Ian Fitzpatrick,
Chuck Tibbitt, Michael Connochie
The United Nations of Pinball:
Peter Scheldt, Albert Medaillon,
Phil Dixon, Nick Marshall
The Modfathers Part 2:
Stan Simpson, TV's Wil Barber,
Mark Squires, Mike Kindler
Yorkshire Puddings:
Kate Morris, Jim Lindsay,
Charles Lindsay, Nigel Lunt
Drain Daemons
Paul Cowan, Alan Syson,
Colin Hampton, Darren Ball
Team SDTM:
Craig Atkins, Roger Thornton,
Mike Parkins, Dan Hardy
The Addam's Family:
Nick Critchlow, Mark Hawkins,
Adrienne Critchlow, Lynn Hawkins
Team WhizBang:
Dennis Nordman, Martin Ayub,
Gary Flower, Poibug
For Amusement Only:
Paul Owen, Dave Langley,
James Watson, Ross Hamilton
The Pinball Predators:
Tom Hare, Brenn Oosterbaan,
Dave Sibson, Lorena Sibson
Lords of the Pin:
Franck Bona, Yann Baratte,
Kevin Dorothé, Cindy Rivas
Fliptastic Four:
Adrian Donati, Jim Brady,
Paul Reddington, Phillip Eaton
The Oddballs:
Richard Wade, Doug Smith,
Marie Irshad, Dominic Clifton

Qualifying began at 7pm when half the teams started playing in two groups of four teams.  Each team played a 2-player 4-ball game against another team in their group with each team member playing 1 ball for their team.  The team with the highest score earned 5 points, the losing team earned 0 points.

Each team then played another 2-player 4-ball game against a different team from their group, playing on a different machine.  Again, the winning team got 5 points, the losers got 0 points.

The teams then changed opponents and machines for a third time, with the same 5 points at stake.

When each team had played 3 matches (i.e. played against all the other teams in their group) they played a final 1-player 4-ball game on their group's bonus machine with each team member playing 1 ball.  When all 4 teams had played, the highest scoring team earned 9 points, the second highest 5 points, the third highest 2 points and the lowest scored 0 points.

The maximum number of points available was 24 and the minimum is zero.  The team with the highest number of points in each of the 4 groups went forward to the final.

Group A
Pos Team Name
Game 1  
Game 2   
Game 3   

Game 4

1 Creatures From the North   9 I500   5 BSD   5 DEF   5 MM   24
2 The United Nations Of Pinball  5 HS2  5 I500  10
3 Team SDTM  5 F14  2 I500  7
4 Yorkshire Puddings  5 WCS  5

Group B
Pos Team Name
Game 1  
Game 2   
Game 3   

Game 4

1 The Pinball Predators  9 DW  5 ELEK  5 DH    19
2 Lords Of The Pin  5 AFM  5 WCS  5 CATS  15
3 Drain Daemons  5 BSD  5 DW  10
4 For Amusement Only  2 DW  2

Group C
Pos Team Name
Game 1  
Game 2   
Game 3   

Game 4

1 Wild Zero  9 I500  5 HS2  5 WCS  5 DEF  24
2 The Modfathers Part 2  5 BSD  5 MM  10
3 The Fliptastic Four  5 F14  5 I500  10
4 Redeye Pinball  2 I500  2

Group D
Pos Team Name
Game 1  
Game 2   
Game 3   

Game 4

1 The Addam's Family  9 DW  5 BSD  5 ELEK    19
2 Team WhizBang  5 WCS  5 CATS  5 AFM  15
3 Team Finland  5 DH  5 DW  10
4 The Oddballs  2 DW  2

The final was a sudden death 4-player 4-ball game where all four teams played head to head with each player playing 1 ball for their team.  Play order was determined by the number of points earned in the group stage.

Final (Indianapolis 500)
Pos Team Name
1 Creatures From the North   230,000,000
2 Wild Zero  110,080,960
3 The Pinball Predators  61,970,590
4 The Addam's Family  26,000,850

Congratulations to The Creatures From The North for winning the UK Pinball Team Tournament 2010 and to all the teams for producing an exciting and fun event.

The UK Pinball Team Tournament will be back in 2011.  We look forward to seeing you there.