Welcome to the UK Pinball Tournaments


Welcome to the UK Pinball Open.

When: Saturday 18th August 2012

Qualifying (all players): 10am - 4pm

A & B Division play-offs, semi-finals and finals: 4:15pm - 6:30pm (approx)

Price: £10 per player (in addition to show entry), pre-registration required.

Maximum number of players: 96     (All 96 places have now been pre-registered)
Additional on-the-day registration places may be available subject to sufficient free machines and time. See below for details.

Prizes: Trophies, medals and cash prizes - £250 for the winner, £125 for second, £75 for third and £50 for fourth

WPPR points awarded: Yes

Tournament head: Richard Wade

The UK's premier pinball tournament returns with the new and exciting B Division.

Play a single 3-ball game on your 6 favourite machines from the 12 available during the qualifying period. All scores are ranked and when qualifying ends, the 24 players with the highest number of ranking points go through to the A Division play-offs. 

Back again for a second year - the next 16 qualifiers (ranked 25th-40th) go into the new B Division play-offs.  Entry to the B Division is restricted, so see the rules section for full details.

In the A Division first round of play-offs, the 24 players are split into pairs and play a single 3-ball game on 4 of the 12 available machines.  Players have a brief warm-up play before starting their game and change both machine and partner after each game.  When everyone has played their 4 games, ranking points are awarded as in the qualifying round, and the top 8 ranked players proceed to the semi-finals.

The two A Division semi-finals consist of a 4-player 3-ball game on two chosen machines.  Qualifiers in 1st, 3rd, 5th & 7th place from the second round play in one semi-final on the first machine while qualifiers in 2nd, 4th, 6th & 8th play concurrently in the second semi-final on the second machine.  The top two scoring players from each semi-final go into the final, the lowest scoring two take part in a 5th-8th place playoff game.

In the B Division first play-off round, the 16 players are split into 4 groups of 4 and play a single 4-player game on their allocated machine.  The top 2 scorers from each group go forward to the semi-finals.

The B Division semi-final follows the same format as the first round of play-offs, with 2 groups of 4 playing a single 4-player game each, with the top 2 proceeding to the final.

Both the A and B Divisions finals are single 4-player winner-takes-all games on the allocated machines to decide the top 4 places.  The winner of the A Division will be the UK Pinball Open champion.

For further details of the UK Pinball Open and all the other tournaments, see the Rules section.



In addition, if time allows we will also be making more places available to purchase at various times during qualifying on Saturday 18th August 2012. These will only be released if it looks like we'll have time and machine space available for the games to be played, but we will make an announcement over the PA system at 11am, 1pm and 3pm if and when these become available. 

Players may register for one of these places at the tournament desk from 10am Saturday 18th August and names will be called in the order of registration.  If a player does not come to the tournament desk within 5 minutes of their name being called, they will be removed from the list.

Registered Players

The following 96 players have submitted their details and are registered for the UK Pinball Open 2012.

Greg Mott
Paul Garner
Mike Kindler
WIlliam Dutton
Ryan Pullen
Neil Fellender
Wayne Johns
Andy Foster
John Bateson
Kate Morris
Marie Irshad
Malcolm Lashley
Jim Lindsay
Paul Brock
Mike Parkins
Adrian Branch
Adam Bona
Mark Squires
John Higgins
Joël Wozniak
Brad Fisher
Owen Richards
Andrew Wilson
Colin Clunie
Tony Smith
Dave Willcox
Dom Escott
David Dutton
Adrian Donati
Stan Simpson
Alan Syson
Dave Langley
Mark Potter
Andrew Larsen
Martin Ayub
Jon White
Colin Hampton
Ben Boxall
Justin Walker
Nicolas Linqué
Paul Owen
Shaun Harvey
Albert Medaillon
Gregor Zimmerer
Albert Hardy
Eric Ridley
Robin Kemp
Graham Rowley
Ivan Miles
Lynda Williams
Craig Pullen
Garry Speight
Peter Blakemore
Mark Green
Rob Denton
Chris Edis
Andy Heighway
Doug Smith
Julie Chambers
Dan Bradford
Alexander Donati
Tim Thornton
Adam Burns
CJ Brown
Fabien Baffault
Emily Raison
Peter Scheldt
Dan LeTourneau
Janette Ebinger
Philip Fryars
Emily Abbey
Bob Pickering
Vin Jauhal
Dan Hardy
Phillip Eaton
Janine Timson
Moira Ross
Phil Dixon
Nick Hill
Peter Hannan
Sam Juan
Matt Vince
Adam Thomson
Ray Gallyer
Michael Donati
Dominic Clifton
Dan Williams
Franck Bona
Paul Baffault
Martyn Raison
James Watson
Dave Rolfe
Mark Weller
Lewis Fryars
Adrian Purser
Alan Pickering

All pre-registrations are now closed. Thanks to everyone who signed up.

Instructions to Players

All pre-registered players should come to the Tournament Desk to sign in, and collect their player badge, score card and any other paperwork before playing their qualifying games.

Players may play their games at any time during the qualifying period, but as we have a large field and limited time, please don't leave your games until the end or you risk either not being able to play the machine you wish, or not being able to play any machine before qualifying ends. It is your responsibility to ensure you play all your games within the time allowed.

Check out the full rules in the Rules section

We look forward to seeing you in Daventry on Saturday 18th August for the UK Pinball Open.


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