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Star Wars - An evil empire bent on galactic domination tries again in June 2017

Magic Girl - Our first look at Zidware's first production game

The Jetsons - The space-age cartoon family return in February 2017

Aerosmith - Stern are Back in the Saddle with their next rock game in January 2017

Houdini: Master Mystery - American Pinball's debut appears out of thin air

Batman 66 - Stern takes the Batmobile back to 1966 in November 2016

The Pabst Can Crusher - Whoa Nellie gets a makeover in July 2016

Ghostbusters - Stern's ectoplasmic new release slimes its way out in March 2016

Full Throttle - The new first game from Heighway Pinball, released Summer 2015

The Big Lebowski - Dutch pinball's first title sees The Dude abiding in mid-2016

Medieval Madness Remake - We review the Limited Edition game in January 2016

Spider-Man Vault Edition - Out goes the movie, in comes the comic in early 2016

Rob Zombie's Spookshow International - Spooky gets Spookier in early 2016

Game of Thrones - The battle for supremacy in Westeros starts October 2015

Kiss - The face-painted rockers get their second pinball in summer 2015

Magic Girl - John Popadiuk's ill-fated but feature-packed game

WWE Wrestlemania - Stern's tag team takes to the ring in spring 2015

The Walking Dead - Stern's post-apocalyptic zombiefest arrives in October 2014

Timeshock! - Silver Castle Pinball's realisation of the Pro Pinball classic

Mustang - John Trudeau's return to game design revs up, in February 2014

Star Trek - Steve Ritchie boldly goes where he went once before, in November 2013

The Hobbit - Join Bilbo and the Dwarves on their quest, due at the end of 2014

Metallica - The band appear in the second pinball, this time in Summer 2013

The Wizard of Oz - Jersey Jack Pinball's first game began shipping in Spring 2013

Avengers - The individual superheroes join forces to save the world, in January 2013

P3 - The innovative new game from Multimorphic, expected 2013/14

Circe's Animal House - The original first game from Heighway Pinball

Captain Nemo - The Nautilus takes to the seas, staring production October 2012

Predator - The hunt is on for Skit•B's first pinball - due for completion in 2013

X-Men - Stern calls on comic book superheroes to save the day in Summer 2012

AC/DC - Lots of nudging action with You Shook Me All Night Long in February 2012

King of Diamonds - Retro Pinball's modern remake of the 1967 classic

New Canasta - The first game from MarsaPlay gets the Pinball News treatment

Transformers - Stern's next game takes shape for release in Autumn 2011

Tron:Legacy - Flynn's Arcade re-opens just for us in May 2011

The Rolling Stones - The greatest rock 'n roll band return to pinball in January 2011

Avatar - The 3D pin of the 3D movie flies in from August 2010

Iron Man - Tony Stark flies back for a second movie and a new pinball in April 2010

Big Buck Hunter Pro - This time there's no happy ending for Bambi in January 2010.

NBA - The game with shooters, backboards and rebounds meets pinball in May 2009

24 - Jack saves the world, again, and again, starting in February 2009

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - It's no longer a mystery, since November 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight returns with a vengence in July 2008

Indiana Jones - Indy is back, cracking the whip from May 2008

Shrek - The big green ogre hits the production line in March 2008

Wheel Of Fortune - Giving the wheel a spin from November 2007

Spider-Man - Spidey battles a selection of foes in May 2007

Family Guy - Stewie tries for world domination in February 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean - The hunt for Davy Jones began in July 2006

World Poker Tour - Going all-in from February 2006

Nascar / Grand Prix - The game with the racetrack from July 2005

The Sopranos - The true family game from January 2005

Elvis - The King was back from September 2004

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! - Pat Lawlor's adventure game from February 2004

Lord Of The Rings - The game of the multi-Oscar winning film from November 2003

Terminator 3 - Arnie returns for a third movie and a second pin in May 2003

The Simpsons Pinball Party - The yellow cartoon family were back in January 2003

RollerCoaster Tycoon - The computer game becomes the pinball game in July 2002

Playboy - Another Playboy pin, this time from George Gomez in January 2002

Monopoly - You can't buy this one with Monopoly money in September 2001

Austin Powers - Stern's first full licence arrived in May 2001

High Roller Casino - From Stern in January 2001 at the ATEI show, London

Sharkey's Shootout - Eight Ball Deluxe is reborn in October 2001

Striker Xtreme game received full coverage in our 2000 ATEI show report

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