Date: 19th August, 2011

Stern Pinball have announced a deal with Best Buy to sell their pinball machines through Best Buy's online and physical stores.

Iron Man, Avatar, The Rolling Stones and Tron are available right now on

The Iron Man is the 'Classic' or lite version and costs $3,799.99 while Avatar and Tron are the regular Pro models priced at $4,799.99.  Two versions of The Rolling Stones are offered - the Pro at $4,799.99 and the Limited Edition at $5,999.99.  All prices are plus sales tax at the prevailing rate.

Stern machines on the Best Buy website
Stern machines on the Best Buy website

The games are expected to appear in Best Buy stores later in 2011, although there is no indication whether this is just across the US, or also in Best Buy stores in Canada, Mexico, UK, China or Turkey.

“Pinball is back and booming,” said Gary Stern, “…and being available though an incredible retail channel such as Best Buy brings pinball to the mainstream mass


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