Story dated 19th October 2000, updated 20th October 2000

Stern Pinball Inc is to make a range of custom games targeting fans of US Football teams.

The first two games in the series are for the New York Jets and the New York Giants. There are adverts on the several web sites showing the games. The adverts are for pre-orders with delivery before Christmas 2000.


The games are made by Stern for Betson Enterprises and are also available through Pinball Sales while also appearing for auction on E-bay from the same company, though the reserve price isn't yet known.

Several interesting points arise from these images. Firstly, the game playfield used in both games appears to be a Star Wars Trilogy (the playfield in the Giants image has been reversed). It's hard to imagine how the basic SWT playfield could be applied to a theme such as this, so it seems likely that the final game won't have this playfield layout nor the Sega Showcase backbox and that this is simply used as a rough suggestion of what the games will look like.

The cabinet artwork is not team-specific, so modification for any one team could be as simple as a new backbox translite and the appropriate game ROMs.

Production run numbers are unknown but likely to be limited as the price for either game is a steep $6495, although as these are being marketed as home games, the price includes delivery and home setup.


Since writing, pictures from the Expo factory tour reveal that the playfield used in these games comes from Striker Xtreme, and has a conventional backbox design.



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