Date: 9th August, 2011

Following its recent run of super-hero cartoon character-themed games such as Tron, Iron Man, Batman and Spider-Man, Stern Pinball took at stand at last month's Comic-Con convention in San Diego.

The company teamed up with IFPA's Josh Sharpe to run a high score competition on the company's current product, Tron Legacy which had a $500 prize for the top score of the show.  As expected, some fans really got into the theme.

A Quorra fan with Stern's Tron:Legacy
A Quorra fan with Stern's Tron:Legacy

This is not the first time Stern have exhibited their games at Comic-Con.  They showed Batman in 2008 and had Iron-Man there last year, seeing it as a great way to promote both sales and awareness of pinball amongst those fans who are most likely to appreciate the themes. 

With a record of over 130,000 visitors to Comic-Con each day, they seem likely to achieve their aims.


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