The long awaited documentary on the Pinball 2000 project is about to be released.

Greg Maletic first got the idea for a documentary about what should have been the saviour of pinball for Williams back in 2001. He was working at a software company but was looking for a new challenge, had decided to make a movie and this subject fitted the bill perfectly.

Another reason for the film's subject was Greg's interest in starting a business taking old pinball games and adding new, more contemporary themes to them.

His software developer skills led him to the Pinball 2000 system and he contacted Williams to ask if they were interested in working with him to develop it further. They weren't but Greg persisted and enquired about designing games for the system instead which led to him visiting the Williams factory and talking with George Gomez about perhaps joining Williams.

This was about a month before they closed the pinball division and even the George was telling Greg it wasn't a good time to be thinking of joining the company. So instead he turned to the documentary idea.

After interviewing the key players in the story of Pinball 2000 he then embarked on the long journey of post-producing the documentary.

Called "The Future Of Pinball" the film was promoted to TV companies with a DVD release slated for release in March or April of 2004 but after re-edits and a new sound track it is now almost ready to start shipping.

But there is one final change made to the documentary - its title. Gone is "The Future Of Pinball", while in comes "TILT - The Battle to Save Pinball". Greg feels the new moniker will appreal to a wider audience and more accurately reflects the film's content.

The new website

The film's website also has a new address at and you can now pre-order the DVD of the documentary.

There are two flavours - the basic version and the complete version which cost $20.99 and $29.99 respectively - and a movie poster for $29.99. In all cases, pre-ordering through the website saves some or all of the postage costs.



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