Date: 23rd August, 2011
Pictures: Games Magazine and Sonny Quintanilla

Pinball and a number of museums dedicated to the game get extensive coverage in the October 2011 edition of Games magazine.

The Pacific Pinball Museum and the Pinball Hall of Fame all feature prominently in the five-page article and the National Pinball Museum also gets a look in with some great pictures, but the main focus is on the Silverball Museum and Arcade in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Pages of the pinball article
Pages of the pinball article

There is some historical information about pinball's peak years and the machines which came out of them, but there is also information about the formation of Jersey Jack Pinball and how a prototype of The Wizard of Oz will be exhibited at the Silverball Museum.

Subscription details and ways to order back copies of Games magazine can be found at their website.


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