Story dated May 1, 2006 .

Hungarian games company A8 Audio, best known for their Music Line series of digital jukeboxes, has brought out this new video pinball game - Goal Pinball.

While there are other video pinball systems out there such as TAB's Virtual Pinball and Global VR's Ultracade pinball, Goal Pinball is unique in offering both single person play and head-to-head play with players standing at each end of the game.

Based around a horizontally-mounted 42 inch screen, Goal Pinball features a number of different virtual pinball games designed to appeal to a range of players. The side mounted flipper buttons are supplemented by two thumb operated buttons to provide a virtual nudge to the game (and eventually tilt it). Although originally designed to use a 42" plasma display, the game is also available with an LCD screen of the same size, which is supposed to provide better resolution and reliability.

The single player pinball game is called Viking Adventures.

This six-flipper game features combo awards, three ramps, a video mode and an upper playfield along with a novel ball shooter wireform.

Norbert Konkoly from A8 Audio told Pinball News how the game breaks new ground in term of its realism. He said "the quality (resolution and design) is- I can say- the best and the most life-like so far in the category and looks spectacular. Also, the games really look and sound a lot more life-like than they look in the screenshots. They must be seen and heard live."

The second game is soccer-themed. It's designed as a two player game but if you prefer, the computer can be your opponent.

Soccer Pinball comes in two varieties, the regular and a faster, snappier version. Players stand at opposite ends of the game and play it like the Alvin G's AG Football game or Williams' Joust, amongst others.

Apart from the regular flippers, the players can also control posts around the playfield to act as attackers, defenders and goalies.

If you prefer your sport like your beer, cold and frosty, there's also a hockey game.

And finally, fans of the green baize can play 8-ball in the pool game.

If you're wondering how two flipper buttons can give you the control you need to play pool, there is also an additional joystick-type red rocker button on top of the game.

The game is priced at 4890 Euros an A8 Audio are hoping to promote and sell it around the world. More details and pictures can be found at the company's website


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