Story dated July 23, 2004

Regular readers of Pinball News will be aware that Stern are about to produce a third run of their popular Harley Davidson pinball game.

But this version will be different to the previous one. The artwork had been improved and redesigned by the team that brought you Lord of the Rings.

Jerry Vanderstelt had created a new translite and Kevin O'Connor has produced new cabinet and playfield artwork. We speculated from our first Elvis pinball picture that these two might have worked on that new game and that is strengthened by the revelation that they have collaborated on the next run of Harley Davidson.

The second edition was differentiated with more chrome on the side rails, backbox and lockdown bar along with a "second edition" logo on the translite but that has now been added to with improved artwork all round.

The Harley gameplay doesn't change from the first two editions but this third run looks like it will be the best looking version so far.


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