Story dated September 28, 2004

Multiball magazine has returned to the shelves after a break of almost three years.

Back with issue #22, the magazine proudly boasts its heritage of ten years of "questionable pinball journalism" with its familiar mix of pinball and indie rock music in equal measure. It's a curious mix with the pinball stories heavily outnumbering the music in the first half but giving in to the inevitable once we get past the staples in the centre.

To back up its musical credentials, there is a bundled CD of Hot Pinball Rock Volume 2, featuring 13 tracks of pinball-related tracks from bands such as The Goddam Gentlemen, The Golden Boys and Cocks in the Henhouse.

On the pinball side, Multiball asks Roger Sharpe, Pat Lawlor, Dave Marston and Mike Mahaffey the all-important question; "Pinball, where are you now?". Each one of them is given a page to give their thoughts about the current state of the game and how it has changed since the last Multiball magazine was published.

Happily, though, the pinball parts of the magazine never appear contrived to fit with the rock and the overall effect is a publication full of attitude, written by people giving it their best shot.

To celebrate the (re)launch of the magazine there was a pinball tournament and music night on the 18th September with LA bands The Mutes and The Willowz followed by Clamppit, Gaddis & Buck, Power of Country and Cocks in the Henhouse.

To get your copy of Multiball magazine, click here or write to them at 2826 NE 57th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA. 97213.




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