Story dated 18th September, 2003

More news about the Pinball Extravaganza UK pinball show taking place in February 2004.

As the show draws ever nearer, we can bring you details about the competition and the exhibitors.

Firstly the tournament. It takes the form of a high score competition played on either of two late Williams games. The choice of which game is decided by the organisers.

The highest score winners on each game play it out on another undisclosed game for the championship and the grand prize of a fully working pinball machine.

There will be a separate competition on each day for those who cannot make both days.

The list of exhibitors is growing rapidly. Those signed up include Pinball Heaven, Pinball Express, Pinball Pleasure and of course, organisers Pinball Palace. Ray Foster will have a stand selling games and spares and the Pinball Owners Association will be there too.

Anyone wanting to book a stand can get a form from the Pinball Palace web site.

The Pinball Extravaganza 2004 show takes place at the Winter Gardens, Margate, Kent on the 7th and 8th February and of course Pinball News will be there to bring you full coverage of events.

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