Story dated 20th April 2002

As predicted, Austin Powers makes a return to the Stern production line in May.

This new batch of games should be at distributors in time for the June 26th launch of the next Austin Powers movie - still called only Austin Powers 3.

But Austin Powers is not the only game to make a reappearance. There will also soon be another batch of Monopoly games produced.

The production methods at Stern allow smaller runs of games to be manufactured than was traditionally the case. Different games can be put into production almost on a daily basis.

As a result it is practical to pre-sell each batch and effectively make games to order provided there are sufficient parts and enough games to justify the swap time such as happened with the NFL conversions of Striker Xtreme. These latest extra runs will fall within the time allotted for Playboy manufacturing and take us into June, when the Playboy tournament versions will appear.

So it looks quite possible that - if the next game proves popular and there are extra runs of other games we may see only 2 new games this year.


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