Date: 16th July, 2014

Stern Pinball have been proudly showing off the two latest additions to their Melrose Park-based team, which suggest ways they are looking to grow the company.

Paul Mandeltort is a familiar face to US pinball show attendees, being until recently Vice President of Marco Specialties.

Paul Mandeltort
Paul Mandeltort

Marco Specialties already had very close ties with Stern Pinball, being their de-facto roadshow crew taking the latest Stern games to shows and exhibitions, and selling assorted Stern merchandise alongside their own selection of parts and accessories.

The Marco Specialties stand at the Texas Pinball Festival 2014
The Marco Specialties stand at the Texas Pinball Festival 2014

Now Paul has taken his sales expertise learned at Marco Specialties, and before that as Product Marketing Manager at National Instruments, to Stern as Director, Parts and Accessories.

It is thought this appointment signals the company's intention to expand their parts sales business - which has thus far been mostly limited to supplying distributors - and moving into sales of game mods and accessories which has thus far been left to after-market vendors.

Stern's second new appointment is Charles (Chuck) Bleich.

Chuck Bleich
Chuck Bleich

Chuck is no stranger either to the pinball business, nor to gaming in general, having worked at Williams Pinball as Electrical Engineering Manager from 1978 until they closed their doors at the end of 1999. It was in that capacity that he worked on games such as Twilight Zone, Cirqus Voltaire, No Fear and Roadshow.

He then transferred to Midway Games to help develop games such as Bubbles, before moving to the slots division of WMS Gaming as Principal Engineer.

Now he joins Stern Pinball as Senior Electronics Project Engineer in their product development team.

Among the pinball patents he co-invented are the zero-crossing triac-controlled lighting system used in WPC games, the ball accelerator used in High Speed 2 - The Getaway's supercharger, and the lock bar dual-release system used on Pinball 2000 games.

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