OPEN 2013

Date: 2nd & 3rd November, 2013
Location: De Voorste Venne, Afrikalaan 100, 5152 MD Drunen, Netherlands.

After many years in the central city of Amersfoort, the Dutch Pinball Open is now held in a different part of the country each year to give all members of the organising Dutch Pinball Association (NFV) a chance to visit it at some point.

Following last year's event on the outskirts of Amsterdam, we in the south of the country near the city of Tilburg at De Voorste Venne - a former car museum now turned into an exhibition hall and theatre.

De Voorste Venne in Drunen
De Voorste Venne in Drunen

Little remains of its former use, except maybe the central water feature made from chrome exhaust tailpipes. Inside, the building is divided in two. The larger area is a two level wood-framed hall which was used for the free play machines and the vendors.

Inside the main hall
Inside the main hall

The second room is a theatre, complete with raked seating and a stage which was home to the Dutch Pinball Open tournament machines.

The DPO tournament machines
The DPO tournament machines

But we'll start this report back in the main hall and at the entry desk.

The entry desk
The entry desk

The doors opened at 10:30am on Saturday. Entry could be pre-purchased or bought on the door.

Entry to the event for NFV member and foreign visitors cost €10 ($13.35, £8.35) for Saturday and €7.50 ($10, £6.25) for Sunday, with a weekend pass costing €15. Prices were €12.50/€10/€20 for non-members.

Tournament entry cost €17.50 for the DPO, €7.50 for the Ladies Tournament, €3 per attempt for the Classics Tournament, while the Kids' Tournament was free to enter.

Those pre-registering had the chance to buy a package deal which included a T-shirt, raffle tickets, weekend entry to the show and entry in the main DPO tournament for €50 ($66.84). Outside the package, T-shirts cost €17.50 and raffle tickets were €3.50 each, €10 for 3, €15 for 5 and €50 for 20 tickets.

Also available to purchase at the desk was a selection of NFV apparel, posters, mouse mats, stickers, flyers, manuals, slingshot plastics, and pinball prints.

For sale at the entry desk
For sale at the entry desk

Also for sale
Also for sale

Just past the entry desk was a display of a selection of the raffle prizes which would be given away at the end of Sunday.

Raffle prizes, with the main prize of a Party Zone in the background
Raffle prizes, with the main prize of a Party Zone in the background

Moving into the main part of the hall, on the left was a bank of eight machines used for the Country and Ladies tournaments.

The Country and Ladies tournament machines
The Country and Ladies tournament machines

Opposite them was the venue's bar where drinks and food was served.

The venue's bar
The venue's bar

Prices were quite reasonable at €1.75 for a ham or cheese roll, €3 for a hamburger and €2 for french fries. Other traditional Dutch food items were also available, as were beers for €2 and soft drinks for the same price. Unlike previous years, payment could be made directly in cash as opposed to the coloured tokens used in Amsterdam and at other locations.

Walking past the bar and the tournament machines brought you into the main part of the hall where the free play machines were situated.

The main part of the hall
The main part of the hall

Starting over on the far left wall, two rows of predominantly-DMD machines were kept busy throughout the weekend.

The first rows of machines
The first rows of machines

Even machines not originally designed with a dot matrix displays seemed to have sprouted them.

Steven and Pieter's Road Kings II with a DMD
Steven van der Staaij and Pieter van Leijen's Road Kings 2.0 with a
P-ROC board installed to add a DMD and new rules

Steven started the project in August 2010 as a project at the school at which he teaches, and he was joined by Pieter at the end of 2011 to write the software and create the sound effects. The two have worked on it since then, and say they have received a number of ideas at the DPO about how to improve the game further.

You can see more of this game in our video below.

There was a mix of machines in this row, including titles such as 24, Rescue 911, Rollergames, Elvis and Metallica.

Machines in the first row
Machines in the first row

At the end of this row was the first of the vendors - Mirco Stefan's High Class Pinballs.

High Class Pinballs
High Class Pinballs

Mirco had plenty of plastic parts, lamps, coils, playfields, legs, glass edging, and cabinet decals.

Mirco's stand
Mirco's stand

At the entrance to this row was Stern's latest offering - Star Trek Pro.

Star Trek
Star Trek

This game - like may of the most popular titles - was in constant use throughout the weekend.

Star Trek at the end of two machine rows
Star Trek at the end of two machine rows

To the right of Star Trek was the central area with more machines and another vendor.

The centre of the hall
The centre of the hall

At the end of this row was a display of alternative translites for a selection of titles. These cost €86.50 each, or could be ordered from Gameroom-Parts.nl or PinballWizard.nl. They could also be ordered as canvas prints for €98.20.

The translites stand, featuring a new Star Trek - TNG canvas
The translites stand, featuring a new Star Trek - TNG canvas

To showcase some of the alternative designs, a row of machines was fitted with the new translites.

Machines with alternative translites
Machines with alternative translites

Some of the new designs
Some of the new designs

Backing on to these machines was another interesting row of games, starting with Dutch Pinball's Bride of Pinbot 2.0.

Bride of Pinbot 2.0
Bride of Pinbot 2.0

The controlling laptop was also uploading live scores to the Dutch Pinball server.

The remainder of this area was occupied by Ministry of Pinball with their display of machines and parts.

The Ministry of Pinball's area
The Ministry of Pinball's area

Their display consisted of new machines from Jersey Jack Pinball and Stern Pinball, as well as some beautifully restored and customised games.

Machines from Ministry of Pinball
Machines from Ministry of Pinball

Tron LE
Tron LE

Two The Wizard of Oz machines
Two The Wizard of Oz machines

X-Men LE, Star Trek Pro, Metallica Pro, AC/DC LE and Attack from Mars
X-Men LE, Star Trek Pro, Metallica Pro, AC/DC LE and Attack from Mars

Parts for sale at Ministry of Pinball
Parts for sale at Ministry of Pinball

More parts
More parts

On the other side of the entrance to Ministry of Pinball was a Cactus Canyon machine fitted with a P-ROC and running the Cactus Canyon Continued software from Eric Priepke.

Cactus Canyone Continued
Cactus Canyon Continued

Next door was Pinnovating's The Matrix machine from Gerard van de Sanden and Dennis van de Pas. This time they had fitted a ColorDMD in green and were running the new Sigma code on it.

The Matrix
The Matrix

Behind The Matrix was a bank of machines used for the Classics Tournament.

Classics machines
Classics machines

The Classic Tournament ran all day Saturday and Sunday, during which time competitors could buy as many entries as they liked. Each entry granted one play on three of the six machines. The combined ranking points from the three games made up the entry, and the player with the entry with the most points at the end of the tournament was the winner.

Facing the Classics machines was another bank of back-to-back free play games.

More free play machines
More free play machines

Finally in the main hall, Jonathan Joosten had a stand for his Pinball Magazine, featuring two pinball machines; Sharpshooter from Gameplan, which was designed by Roger Sharpe - the main subject of the first edition, and Party Animal which was designed by Dennis Nordman, the main interviewee in the second.

Jonathan Joosten and Melanie Morren on the Pinball Magazine stand
Jonathan Joosten and Melanie Morren on the Pinball Magazine stand
(picture: Adriaan van Roeden)

Here's a list of all the machines in the main hall.

Team & Ladies Tournaments
Johnny Mnemonic
Pinball Magic
Scared Stiff
stand-by: Doctor Who

Classic Tournament
Black Knight
Flying Carpet
Mars - God of War
Star Gazer
stand-by: Wizard!

Free Play Machines
AC/DC (Back in Black LE)
Addams Family, The
Attack from Mars
Big Guns
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Bride of Pinbot 2.0
Cactus Canyon Continued
Cirqus Voltaire
Class of 1812
Demolition Man
Disco Fever*
Elvira and the Party Monsters
F-14 Tomcat
Gold Wings
High Speed
High Speed 2 - The Getaway
Hollywood Heat
Indiana Jones (WMS)
Jolly Park
Karate Fight
La Retata
Laser War
Matrix, The
Medieval Madness
Metallica (Master of Puppets LE)
Metallica (Pro)
Miss World
Monster Bash
Monte Carlo
NBA Fastbreak
NBA Fastbreak
No Fear
Party Animal
Playboy (Stern)
Rescue 911
Revenge from Mars
Road Kings 2.0
Scared Stiff
Shadow, The
Sopranos, The
Sopranos, The
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek (Pro, Stern)
Star Trek (Pro, Stern)
Tales from the Crypt
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Theatre of Magic
Tron (LE)
Twilight Zone
Wizard of Oz, The (Standard)
Wizard of Oz, The (Standard)
World Cup Soccer
World Poker Tour
X-Men (Wolverine LE)

The first of the tournaments to take place was held on Saturday afternoon and evening, and was the Country Tournament.

Twelve teams of four from across Europe competed in two groups of six with each team playing a match against the other five teams in their group. The first group began their matches at 11am, while the second group began at 3pm.

The matches consisted of four games played on two machines. Two members of each team played split-flipper against two members of the opposition on one machine, while the remaining team members did the same on a second machine. Once that was completed, the player pairs were mixed up so nobody played with the same partner, and a second pair of games were played on the same machines.

Players in the Country Tournament
Players in the Country Tournament

If a team won three or all four of the matches, they scored two points. If it was a tie, both teams scored one point, while winning one or none of the matches scored no points. After all five rounds had been played, the two teams in the group with the most points went into the semi-finals.

The Country Tournament ran alongside qualifying for the main DPO, so players had to ensure they had time to play in both. When the power for the machines in the main hall was tripped in the early afternoon, many players used the opportunity to try to play some of their DPO qualifying games.

The Country Tournament
The Country Tournament

That power outage, along with the length of some of the matches, meant the Country Tournament ran later than anticipated and left some players with barely enough time to qualify for the DPO.

The two qualifying teams from the first group were Amsterdam Pinball Masters and Visioen, while the second group's top teams were Dutch Pinball Team and UK. These went into the semi-finals to play two two-team matches. The winner of the first group played the second-placed team from the second group, and the winner of the second group played the second-placed team from the first group. The format was the same as the group matches, except that the third and fourth games were played on two different machines.

The final two teams were the Dutch Pinball Team and the team from the UK.

The Dutch Pinball Team in the final
The Dutch Pinball Team in the final

The Dutch Pinball Team won all four matches in the final, winning the Country Competition. The UK team were second, and Visioen from the Netherlands were third after a play-off.

Runners-up, the UK team
Runners-up, the UK team

Third place, Visioen
Third place, Visioen, with Miss Netherlands
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

While the Country Tournament was taking place, the qualifying round of the main Dutch Pinball Open (DPO) was under way in the theatre next door.

Early players in the DPO qualifying on Saturday
Early players in the DPO qualifying on Saturday

Early players in the DPO qualifying on Saturday
Early players in the DPO qualifying on Saturday

The twenty machines used in the DPO were arranged in a 'U' shape around the edges of the stage. They were:

DPO 2013 Machines
Attack from Mars
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Champion Pub, The
Cirqus Voltaire
Fish Tales
Flintstones, The
Indianapolis 500
Johnny Mnemonic
Jurassic Park
Operation Thunder
Scared Stiff
World Cup Soccer
X-Men (Pro)

Throphies for the DPO and all the other tournaments
Trophies for the DPO and all the other tournaments

There was a large projector screen above the stage which was periodically updated to show the current standings. The top 48 players progressed to the play-offs on Sunday, with the top 16 receiving a bye through the first round of play-offs.

The results display
The results display

In the qualifying round, players could choose six of the twenty machines and they had a single 4-ball game on each of them. The scores on all each machine were ranked and ranking points awarded. The total ranking points from their six machines made up a player's total score.

In addition, a joker could be played which allowed the replaying of one of the six machines. If the second game ended with a higher score than the first attempt then it replaced it, otherwise the original score stood. Playing the joker was not mandatory, but as it was risk free and allowed additional practice, it was usually wise to play it even if you were safely qualified. In many cases, the joker game made the difference between qualifying or not.

Qualifying round play
Qualifying round play

Those who didn't qualify went no further in the DPO with their qualifying place becoming their final placing. They could then spend Sunday concentrating on other tournaments such as the Classics.

DPO 2013 Non-Qualifiers' Final Places
Pos Name Country Pts
49 Glenn Verhoosele Belgium 93
Ynze van den Broek Netherlands 93
51 Bart Volman Netherlands 91
52 Kevin Roelants Belgium 90
Jean-Paul de Win Netherlands 90
54 Stan Simpson United Kingdom 86
55 Wilbert der Kinderen Netherlands 82
56 Evert Brochez Belgium 81
57 Rob Overdijk Netherlands 80
58 Remco Broman Netherlands 79
59 Mike Kindler United Kingdom 78
60 Robert van Dam Netherlands 76
62 Victor Stulemeijer Netherlands 74
Robin van Mourik Netherlands 74
Adriaan van Roeden Netherlands 74
65 Peter Roos Netherlands 73
Rens Hooijmaijers Netherlands 73
Roger Wijnands Netherlands 73
Richard Rothwell-Jackson Netherlands 73
68 Steven van der Staaij Netherlands 72
69 Jefrey Reinhardt Netherlands 71
70 Erwin Deutschlander Germany 70
Jilles Eijking Netherlands 70
73 Arco van Geest Netherlands 69
Tom Vis Netherlands 69
Rob Fransen Netherlands 69
75 Mahmut Saridag Netherlands 67
77 Nico Slemmer Netherlands 66
Lutz Hammer Germany 66
Ronald Klappe Netherlands 66
79 Jeroen Wieringa Netherlands 65
Marcin Krysinski Poland 65
81 Jaap Valent Netherlands 63
83 Michel Dailly France 62
Norman Heikamp Germany 62
Neil Fellender United Kingdom 62
Tim Kreukels Netherlands 62
86 Tom Loomans Netherlands 60
Henk Brakels Netherlands 60
88 Tjalling Smits Netherlands 59
Bart Evers Belgium 59
90 Peter van Vliet Netherlands 58
Vincent Hendrikx Netherlands 58
92 Tommy Machado Belgium 55
93 Hans Bijsterveld Netherlands 54
Martijn van Amsterdam Netherlands 54
95 Antonio van der Heijden Netherlands 50
Bas van Doorn Netherlands 50
97 Mathias Leurs Belgium 49
Roderick Laheij Netherlands 49
99 Richard van Tienen Netherlands 48
Dave Willcox United Kingdom 48
101 Marcin Kisiel Poland 45
Justin van Schooneveld Netherlands 45
103 Steve Woodman Germany 44
104 Dennis Verleyen Belgium 42
105 Stefan Toonders Netherlands 41
Jaap Nauta Netherlands 41
107 Vincent Chardome Belgium 39
108 Joris van Neijenhof Netherlands 38
110 Tom Thobe Netherlands 37
Artur Goncalves Netherlands 37
Mark Quint Netherlands 37
113 Wijnco van Helden Netherlands 35
Andre van de Laan Netherlands 35
Pascal Visser Netherlands 35
116 Mario Vandermeulen Belgium 31
Jeroen Dekker Netherlands 31
Ronald van der Ven Netherlands 31
118 Jim Jansen Netherlands 29
Nils de Kleine Netherlands 29
120 Serf Schellen Netherlands 27
Pieter Stoffelen Netherlands 27
122 Kate Morris United Kingdom 26
123 Michael Ebblewhite United Kingdom 25
Ben Zaad Netherlands 25
125 Piet van den Berg Netherlands 23
Merlijn Vink Netherlands 23
127 Markus Walter Germany 22
128 Enrico Douwens Netherlands 20
Jesse van Iersel Netherlands 20
130 Dina Fukson Germany 18
131 James Watson United Kingdom 17
133 Jasmijn de Jong Netherlands 16
Mirko Carton Netherlands 16
Kevin van Rossum Belgium 16
Ruud Wouters Netherlands 16
136 Axel Werner-Schultz Germany 15
Hendrik Morskate Netherlands 15
138 Monique de Jong Netherlands 14
139 Bernd Gottwald Germany 13
140 Martijn Mulder Netherlands 12
Billy van de Ven Netherlands 12
142 Arjan Neet Netherlands 11
143 Corin Erkeland Netherlands 10
144 Tim Slow United Kingdom 9
145 Robert van Zwieten Netherlands 8
146 Kay Kuster Germany 7
147 Kelly Lembrechts Belgium 6
148 Machteld Decloedt Belgium 5
149 Casper de Moel Netherlands 1
Joost van Tilburg Netherlands 1
153 Berry van Hees Netherlands 0
Kyoo Barbaix Belgium 0
Crystal Le United States 0
Aart Volbed Netherlands 0
Bernard de Groot Netherlands 0

Everyone else assembled at 10am on Sunday for the start of the play-offs.

Players sign-in for the start of the play-off rounds
Players sign-in for the start of the play-off rounds

Tournament head Ad Jonker explains the format
Tournament head Ad Jonker explains the format

Players were drawn on random machines for best-of-three head-to-head 3-ball matches. Whoever won two games continued to the next round, while their opponent dropped down into the loser bracket.

The play-offs are under way
The play-offs are under way

The head-to-head best-of-three 3-ball matches continued in the winners bracket all the way through the tournament, including the final.

The loser bracket played a single 4-ball game on a random machine to decide who continued in the loser bracket and who was out of the DPO.

Players in the closing rounds of the DPO
Players in the closing rounds of the DPO

As the number of survivors dwindled, interest in the last few games grew with a large crowd watching the quarter- and semi-finalists.

The semi-final to decide one the the finalists
The semi-final to decide one the the finalists

Taco Wouters and Lieven Engelbeen play in the semi-final
Taco Wouters and Lieven Engelbeen play in the semi-final

In the end, the final was between Zach Sharpe from the US who had remained undefeated throughout the tournament, and Taco Wouters from the Netherlands who won the loser bracket.

Taco and Zach before the final
Taco and Zach before the final

The final was another best-of-three match with both players starting equal and able to choose one of the final machines. Zach chose Scared Stiff, Taco chose Indianapolis 500, and if it were needed, the deciding machine would be Spider-Man. An overhead camera was set up so the action on the playfield could be shown on the large projector screen for the audience to watch.

The overhead camera is rigged
The overhead camera is rigged
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

Taco's choice of machine was the first to play and despite it being his selection, he lost on Indianapolis 500.

Taco playing on Indianapolis 500
Taco playing on Indianapolis 500
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

Zach's choice of Scared Stiff was next and, as with the first game, the player choosing it lost. So with the score at 1-1, the final went to the decider on Spider-Man.

Zach on Spider-Man
Zach on Spider-Man
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

Zach played first and put up a total of 49M with his three balls. Taco had 18M going into his last ball, and despite getting Bank Bust multiball, he was only able to pull his score back to 30M, making Zach the winner. Taco was second and Lieven from Belgium third.

The Netherlands' representative in the Miss World tournament, Jacqueline Steenbeek who hails from the DPO's host city of Drunen, awarded the prizes.

DPO 2013 winner, Zach Sharpe
DPO 2013 winner, Zach Sharpe
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

Second place, Taco Wouters
Second place, Taco Wouters
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

Third place, Lieven Engelbeen
Third place, Lieven Engelbeen
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

Here are the final results for all the qualifiers:

DPO 2013 48 Qualifiers' Final Places
Pos Name Country
1 Zachary Sharpe United States
2 Taco Wouters Netherlands
3 Lieven Engelbeen Belgium
4 Paul Jongma Netherlands
5 Matt Vince United Kingdom
Brenn Oosterbaan Netherlands
7 Mart Oenema Netherlands
Axel Bouet France
10 Ronald Oenema Netherlands
Jochen Ludwig Germany
Roy Wils Netherlands
John van der Wulp Netherlands
14 Martijn van Aken Netherlands
Jasper van Eeden Netherlands
Didier Daniël Dujardin Belgium
Sylvain Grevin France
20 David Deturck Belgium
Koen Heltzel Netherlands
Dirk Klaver Netherlands
Erik de Jong Netherlands
Glenn Pellis Belgium
Albert Nomden Netherlands
Jim Lindsay United Kingdom
Joeri Stroobants Belgium
28 Joachim Reniers Belgium
Stefen Gee Germany
Patrik Bodin Sweden
Michel van den Elzen Netherlands
Dirk Elzholz Germany
Helen de Haan-Verbeek Netherlands
Olivier Leurs Belgium
Joska Keunekamp Netherlands
40 Barry Driessen Netherlands
Eric Hetem Netherlands
Ivan Geentjens Belgium
Mark Heine Netherlands
Gerard Poelwijk Netherlands
Greg Mott United Kingdom
Olivier Francq Belgium
Peter Blakemore United Kingdom
Martin Ayub United Kingdom
Eko Elens Netherlands
Ralph Beckers Netherlands
Bas Vis Netherlands
Norbert Broman Netherlands
Jan Vandesompele Belgium
Tom Geneyn Belgium
Martijn van Mourik Netherlands

Taco managed to go one better in the Classic Tournament which concluded on Sunday afternoon.

Players in the Classic Tournament
Players in the Classic Tournament

As players were knocked out of the DPO, they headed to the Classic machines to play as many entries as they could before it closed. As a result of that and the occasional machine repair, the area became rather crowded at times.

In the Classic Tournament area
In the Classic Tournament area

There was no display to show how players were ranked, and many left the event not knowing where they ended up. So here are the final standings:

DPO 2013 Classic Tournament Final Places
Pos Name Country
1 Taco Wouters Netherlands
2 John van der Wulp Netherlands
3 Roy Wils Netherlands
4 Erwin Deutschlander Germany
Peter Roos Netherlands
6 Patrik Bodin Sweden
7 Lutz Hammer Germany
8 Olivier Leurs Belgium
8 Bas van Doorn Netherlands
10 Norman Heikamp Germany
11 Dirk Elzholz Germany
12 James Watson United Kingdom
13 Roderick Laheij Netherlands
14 Greg Mott United Kingdom
15 Victor Stulemeijer Netherlands
16 Artur Goncalves Netherlands
17 Glenn Pellis Belgium
18 Peter Noorlander Netherlands
19 Glenn Verhoosele Belgium
20 Frank Douwenga Netherlands
21 Ergun Erdemir Turkey
22 Jim Lindsay United Kingdom
23 Jochen Ludwig Germany
Neil Fellender United Kingdom
25 Mike Kindler United Kingdom
26 Remco Broman Netherlands
27 Timber Engelbeen Belgium
Serf Schellen Netherlands
29 Edwin Rooijers Netherlands
30 Justin van Schooneveld Netherlands
31 Rob Overdijk Netherlands
Kate Morris United Kingdom
33 Lieven Engelbeen Belgium
Ronald Klappe Netherlands
35 Martin Ayub United Kingdom
36 Hans Mulder Netherlands
37 Henk Brakels Netherlands
38 Kevin Roelants Belgium
39 Mathias Leurs Belgium
40 Matt Vince United Kingdom
41 Olivier Francq Belgium
42 Jeroen Dekker Netherlands
43 Jason Brugmans Netherlands
44 Tim Slow United Kingdom
Marcin Kisiel Poland
46 Michael Ebblewhite United Kingdom
47 Tim Kreukels Netherlands
48 Ivan Geentjens Belgium
49 Marcin Krysinski Poland
51 Pascal Jorna Netherlands
Jonathan Joosten Netherlands
Adriaan van Roeden Netherlands
53 Peter Blakemore United Kingdom
54 Mahmut Saridag Netherlands
55 Michel van den Elzen Netherlands
Axel Werner-Schulz Germany
57 David Deturck Belgium
58 Nils de Kleine Netherlands
59 Eduard Cohen Netherlands
60 H Proost Netherlands
61 Dave Willcox United Kingdom
62 Bernd Gottwald Germany
63 Joeri Stroobants Belgium
64 Bart Evers Belgium
65 Gerard Poelwijk Netherlands
66 Richard Rothwell-Jackson United Kingdom
67 Ferry Versluis Netherlands
Stefan Knuppel Netherlands
69 Nikolai Unknown
70 Andre van der Laan Netherlands
71 Mario Vandermeulen Belgium
72 Joachim Reniers Belgium
73 Liso Piloo Netherlands
74 Joren Engelbeen Belgium
Maurits Knuppel Netherlands

Also taking place on Sunday were the Ladies and Kids Tournaments.

The Ladies Tournament took place on the same machines used for the previous day's Country Tournament.

The Ladies' Tournament
The Ladies Tournament

The Ladies Tournament
The Ladies Tournament

The final came down to a battle between Netherlands' Jasmijn de Jong and the UK's Kate Morris.

Jasmijn plays Kate in the final of the Ladies Tournament
Jasmijn plays Kate in the final of the Ladies Tournament

The last game of the final was on Junkyard and Jasmijn's player one score of 7.6M was good enough, as Kate could only manage 4.3M on her last ball to take second place. Machteld de Cloedt from Belgium was third.

Kate congratulates Jasmin on her win
Kate congratulates Jasmin on her win

Jasmijn collects here award and flowers
Jasmijn collects her trophy and flowers
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

In the Kids Tournament which was played on a selection of machine near the High Class Pinballs stand, it was a win for Arthur Vissers from Breda in the Netherlands.

Arthur Vissers collects his prize from Winfred de Ruijter
Arthur Vissers collects his prize from Winfred de Ruijter
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

Tom Vis was second, Luke ten Klooster was third, and Joeri van der Sanden was fourth. All the top four came from the Netherlands, and all competitors won a medal for taking part.

Competitors in the Kids Tournament
Competitors in the Kids Tournament
(picture: Danny Schwarz)

The final matter to resolve was to decide the winner of the prize raffle Party Zone machine and the other prizes. The Party Zone went to Stefan Gee with ticket number 46. Other prizes won were:

Prize Winner Ticket
Guns 'N Roses canvas Merlijn Vink 169
Suitcases/carry cases Jaap Valent, Marcel Speetjens & Jeroen Wieringa 74, 341 & 586
Assorted LEDs Gert van Dijk 386
Commemorative NFV book Guus Arens & Marcel van Tol 571 & 345
Pinball - The Card Game Tjalling Smits & Neil Fellender 140 & 126
Pinball parts pack Pieter Stoffelen 191
NFV clothing pack Didier Dujardin 102
Ministry of Pinball T-shirt Bert Staal & Eko Elens 365 & 228
Pinball Magazine Helen de Haan-Verbeek &
Zach Sharpe
92 & 145
Miniature pinball Nils de Kleine 805

The tournament and raffle results bring us to the end of this report from the Dutch Pinball Open 2013.

Machines at the DPO 2013
Machines at the DPO 2013

Visitors to the event were impressed by the venue and the amount of space available. It is unfortunate that the DPO has to keep moving around the country as we'd very much like to return here for next year's DPO.

The selection and quality of the machines in the main hall was excellent, with a nice display of Gottlieb/Premier titles and the latest releases from Stern and Jersey Jack Pinball alongside custom games such as Bride of Pinbot 2.0, The Matrix and Road Kings 2.0.

There was one power outage on Saturday which lasted for five minutes but only affected the main hall. The Country Competition was already running late and this didn't help as all games in progress had to be restarted. The knock-on effect was to make it difficult for some players to complete all their DPO qualifying games in time.

The other noticeable omission was status displays showing how the tournaments were progressing. The Classic especially suffered from this, but the paper scoring used for the DPO also meant qualifying positions were only updated occasionally and the qualifiers weren't confirmed until some time after the qualifying ended.

The play-offs all went smoothly though, and the setting for the final with the overhead camera projected on the large screen allowed everyone in the audience to enjoy it.

So we will end with our exclusive Eight Minute Tour of the Dutch Pinball Open 2013 shot on Saturday afternoon.


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