The first full day of Pinball Expo 2006 began with the Stern factory tour.

This year, to make things a little more interesting, rather than do the same picture tour of the factory we usually do, we are bringing you a free video tour instead.

Now, this video is much longer than our usual clips - in fact it's almost 20 minutes long - and so the file size is much larger too, but it gives you a chance to see the factory in action and hear from Stern's Dwight Sullivan about the various areas and how they all come together to produce a Stern pinball game.

Form the cabling line through the process of taking a bare playfield, drilling it, populating it, testing it and installing it into the cabinet, Dwight shows how the different areas of the factory work together to create all the different parts needed to build and pack a finished game.

And finally, of course, we hear from Gary Stern himself.

We start the tour with the assembled crowd in the Wyndham hotel lobby, just as the yellow school buses arrive.

Click here to download the Stern factory tour from Pinball Expo 2006
60MB Windows Media

Let us know what you think about our use of video. Is it more useful or would you prefer a still image version instead? Is the file size a problem and does it play OK on your computer? Click here to send us your thoughts.


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