Are you having problems viewing our new video clips?

Pinball News has now introduced Flash-based playback for our newest video clips and with this may come a few problems, so we'll do our best to fix them.

Not seeing anything or getting a message to upgrade?

While most readers will already have the Flash player installed, it's possible you either don't have it or perhaps you have an old version.

So you may need to get the latest version of Flash which is free and available here:

To see which version you have, if you right-click on one of the video clip windows, you should get something that says "About Adobe Flash Player 9". If it doesn't say "9" you have an old version.

After installing Flash Player 9 you may have to close your browser and then re-open it to start using the new version. Use the check above to make sure you are now using version 9 and you should see something like the image below wherever a video clip appears on a page.

If that doesn't fix the problem, hop over to YouTube and see if you can view the videos there, since they use the same player as Pinball News.

If the YouTube videos work but ours don't, please e-mail [email protected] stating what operating system you're using (Win XP, Windows 2000, Mac OSX, Mac OS9, Linux, etc) and what browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc).

If the YouTube videos don't work either, you have a problem with your installation which is beyond the assistance we can provide in this page. Sorry, but we're not computer techs, we're pinball fans.

Getting jerky playback or it keeps stopping?

This probably means you have a slow connection to Pinball News either due to our servers being busy or your connection running slow. Playback is designed to run smoothly on most connections of 512Kbps or higher but it can be used on any speed by doing the following:

When you click on the video and it starts playing, press the pause icon and wait for the % indicator to increase to 100% before hitting the play icon. Once it has fully loaded, you should be able to play it back smoothly.

What do the controls do

In addition to the normal play button, you can also control the volume or even make the clip fill your screen. All the controls are shown in this example below.

Hopefully this has solved your problem and we can give you a better way to view your favorite pinball videos here at Pinball News, no matter what type of computer or browser you use.

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