October 15, 2004

Day two began with the second day of seminars:

Ron Coon Jr spoke about pinball repairs and troubleshooting

Daina Petit described the various internet scams and how to avoid them

Todd Tuckey spilled the beans on setting up your own pinball business

Gene Cunningham told us about his new products and Big Bang Bar plans

Dave Marston looked back at the history and landmarks for pinball enthusiasts

Richard Lawnhurst told us about his 1930's collection and what to look for

Bill Davis showed us how he restores and protects pinball playfields

Michael Shalhoub detailed his recent and future pinball books

Arne Asphjell taked about the pinball scene in Norway

Martin Wiest continued with details of Germany's pinball past and present

Don Caldwell and Mark Bakula explained their internet survey and plans for a book

Clay Harrel showed a clip from his upcoming TOPS7 tape on 1977-85 Ballys


In the evening, George Gomez spoke about his time at Williams and Stern making games such as Corvette, Monster Bash, Revenge From Mars, Playboy and Lord of the Rings.

He also told us about the jobs he had before he started designing pinball games and showed some of the products the designed.

He described the whole design process for Monster Bash from concept and licensing issues to getting the phantom flip to work and explained how working for Stern is so different from his days at Williams.


That concludes the summary of the second day at Pinball Expo.  Don't forget we will bring you our comprehensive reports when we return home and look out for day three when the show continues with the autograph sessions, the auction and the banquet.




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