SITES 2016

Location: Various, Chicago, IL, USA
Report date: October 2016

Report by Dan Marquardt

The once dismal pinball on location scene in the Chicago area is a distant memory. There is now an immense variety of quality pins available to play in Chicagoland.

Chicago Street Pinball Arcade in Joilet, IL

Visiting some of the sites I was able to enjoy playing old favorites, such as Taxi, Big Guns and Banzai Run, and the latest pins Game of Thrones and Ghostbusters. The Pinball Rebel website and both have additional locations with pins in the Chicago area.

1. Logan Arcade - Chicago
See report
Update: Ghostbusters Premium, Metallica Premium and the incredible Hercules pin have been rotated in. The Batman 66 is going to be added soon.
Logan Arcade

2. Headquarters Beercade (Lakeview) - Chicago
See previous report
Headquarters Beercade (Lakeview)

3. Emporium Arcade Bar (Wicker Park) - Chicago
See previous report
Update: Williams' Big Guns and Diner were rotated into their line-up this year.
Emporium Arcade Bar (Wicker Park)

4. Lemming's Tavern - Chicago
See previous report
Update: Game of Thrones Premium on tournament and Attack From Mars are now featured here.
Lemming's Tavern

5. Brixie's - Brookfield
See previous report
Update: The always well-kept pin count has increased to five. Ghostbusters Pro, Metallica LE, Medieval Madness, Game of Thrones Premium and Batman, The Dark Knight are the current pins. The Big Lebowski is going to be rotated in soon.

6. Galloping Ghost Arcade - Brookfield
See previous report
Galloping Ghost Arcade

7. Game Works - Schaumburg
See previous report
Update: They now have a five pins with Mustang the redemption machine, alongside Iron Man, The Sopranos, 24 and Family Guy.
Game Works

8. Level 257 - Schaumburg
See previous report
Game Works

9. Chicago Street Pinball Arcade - Joliet
See previous report
Game Works

Here is the list of pin locations that I have not yet reported on. I have listed their websites and some additional information about them.

10. Bottom Lounge - Chicago
Pinball list courtesy of Gavin Miller: Bobby Orr Power Play x 2, Seawitch, The Addams Family, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Funhouse, Gilligan's Island, The Champion Pub, Metallica and Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball.


Blind Robin - Chicago
Ghostbusters Pro on tournament, Metallica Pro and Scared Stiff are the current pins.

Blind Robin's pinballs

12. Headquarters Beercade (River North) - Chicago
Headquarters' second location features over twenty top pins which are listed on their website. Ghostbusters Pro and Game of Thrones Premium have been into their collection.
Headquarters Beercade (River North)

13. Emporium Arcade Bar (Logan Square) - Chicago
Second Emporium location with a few pins.
Emporium Logan Square

14. Brauer House - Lombard
Pin collector, Gavin Miller, loaded up the Brauer House with six of his pins: Bally Kiss, Metallica, The Walking Dead, Monster Bash (with a ColorDMD), Stern Rolling Stones and Dracula.
Brauer House games

15. Five & Dime - Evanston
See previous report.
Brauer House games

16. Uptown Arcade - Chicago
A few classic pins.

17. FTW - Chicago
Medieval Madness and The Walking Dead Pro.

18. Replay - Lakeview
Junkyard, Kiss (Stern) and The Sopranos.

19. Replay - Andersonville
Metallica Pro, Tales from the Crypt and The Wizard of Oz.

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