A year ago Pinball News was launched on an unsuspecting world.

Since then we've brought you the latest news and reviews and in turn we've had a great time hearing your thoughts, questions and ideas.

Since the launch, Pinball News has grown rapidly - just look at the "Latest" section for all the extra stories - and we're now happy to welcome over 2,000 visitors a month to the site.

That's why we're delighted to celebrate by announcing the winner of not only the first birthday competition but also a special prize draw for everyone joined to our Update Scheme.

By a truly perverse twist of fate, the subject of one of the questions was the first name drawn out of the Frosties box (really!). The winner of the Pinball News first birthday competition is:

Michael Burke from New Zealand who wins all these great goodies:

But that's not all.

If you have joined the Pinball News Update Scheme, you were also entered into a special draw for all the same prizes with the exception of the T-shirt. You didn't even need to get the questions correct!

So the special draw prize winner is:

Peter Hall from Wolverhampton, England.


Congratulations to the lucky winners. If you didn't win this time, thank you for entering the competition and helping us to celebrate our first year, and lets look forward to the next year of new pinball games, shows, competitions, personalities and - above all - pinball fun.


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