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NEW: New Art and Science of Pinball exhibition

NEW: Stern appoints new consumer sales position

NEW: Dirty Donny pinball model

NEW: Andrew Heighway out of Heighway Pinball

NEW: New pinball and art exhibition

NEW: New pinball beer released

NEW: Houdini: Master Mystery revealed

NEW: American Pinball launches with Houdini: Master Mystery

NEW: New 'Skillshot' pinball exhibition in Chicago

NEW: German audio company tackles pinball sound

NEW: Wizard Mode film premieres

NEW: Whizbang Pinball to create second game for Stern

Dutch Pinball Museum opens

Pinball world record attempt in Vancouver

Jersey Jack Pinball gets new investors

Pinball helps launch book

Pinballs on a train

Pinball museum fights for its existence in court

Stern hires two new 3D artists

New game maker reveals first model

Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons available to buy

Latest Stern news

Stern's new factory

Heighway Pinball's secret game revealed

Oursler joins Heighway Pinball, Alien whitewood, video interview

Nordman splits with Heighway Pinball

Stern to build Whoa Nellie! game

World record attempt

'80s charity event adds pinball

Bally and Williams back together again

Stern adds more staff members

New game roundup

Stern to remake Iron Man

Heighway Pinball update

Live paint event promotes pinball

Stern to build Medieval Madness remakes

San Francisco overturns pinball restrictions

Ray Tanzer returns to Stern

New pinball-themed album released

Python Anghelo dies

Barry Oursler appeals for your help

Pat Lawlor to design third Jersey Jack game

Jersey Jack Pinball brings in external funding

The Big Lebowski pinball is announced

Stern partners with Ford for next title

Pacific Pinball Museum closer to new home

The Who shop and pinball arcade opens

New pinball documentary

Museum of Pinball launches Kickstarter campaign

Pinball Magazine Issue Two released

Pinball at City Hall

Chicago arcade in pinball expansion

Stern hires new Game Designer

Stern hires new Senior Software Engineer

Stern to sell blue displays

National Pinball Museum to close - again

News in Brief - P3 giveaway, new PinDMD board and NFV book display

Spooky Pinball to manufacture own machines

Ted Estes joins Jersey Jack Pinball

ColorDMD announces next title

Stern adds new Chief Revenue Officer

Heighway Pinball changes game name, theme and adds new designer

Stern bring back home models with Transformers Pin

Post-launch interview with Pinball Magazine's Editor

Pro Pinball Kickstarter begins

Greg Freres joins Stern team

Pacific Pinball Museum launches funding campaign for new home

Stern and IFPA introduce rewards programme

Lawlor and Youssi team up with Pro Pinball

Pinball Magazine publishes preview edition

Pacific Pinball Museum offers bespoke exhibitions

Mass of parts donated to National Pinball Museum

New collection donated to Pacific Pinball Museum

New pinball magazine announced

New headphone jack kit for pinballs

New Predator pinball machine

JJP signs up to ePlate

Captain Nemo machine revealed

Pinburgh 2012 preview

Steve Kordek dies

News in Brief - John Popadiuk's next game goes on sale, a new circuit board maker, a new Lord of the Rings protector and a Pinball Cafe battles to stay open

News in Brief - Pinball movie, two new games and a new iPhone app

Pinball-related film seeks funding

Touch screen pinball at US airports

Pinball article in Games magazine

Stern Pinball visits Conic-Con

More staff join Stern Pinball

Stern games available at Best Buy

John Popadiuk announces new pinball product

George Gomez joins Stern Pinball

Even More News In Brief

More News In Brief

Second Wizard of Oz toy revealed

Lloyd Olson - Mr 50,000

Jersey Jack Pinball reveals first playfield toy

More News In Brief

Jersey Jack Pinball agrees deal with Planetary Pinball Supply

Steve Ritchie joins Stern Pinball

Jersey Jack adds a programmer to their team

New pinball manufacturer announced (updated)

Details of new Limited Edition Avatar game

GameRoom magazine closes

More pinball news in brief

Fire-damaged pier re-opens

Interview with Planetary Pinball Supply

Belgian Avatar launch party

Williams rights sold

New 'Ironman-Lite' pinball

World's tallest pinball

New Stern Pinball website

New 'Batman-Lite' Stern game

Update on former Bally factory

New Spanish Pinball Manufacturer

Pinball News In Brief

Pinball exhibit at San Francisco airport

Jolly Backer resigns from Stern Pinball

New investor for Stern Pinball

New pinball movie to premiere in October

Gordon Hasse collection donated to PPM

Pinball's bid for TV fame

Song for Rudy

New Pinball 2000 developments

Music Pinball Hall of Fame exhibit opens

WAGs plan pinball alternative at show

New Zizzle game in development

Pinball museum opens in the UK

Illinois Pinball sells parts stock

Nucore takes major step towards availability

Gary Stern upbeat despite job losses

Fire destroys pier and pinball machines

The Nucore replacement computer system for Pinball 2000

New Revenge From Mars worldwide tournament system

How silver blocks can save games

Pinball on the telly

New Shrek pinball machine

New SpongeBob Squarepants machine

Russ Jensen dies

New pinball world champion

New Zizzle pinball games

Surprise gift from pinball fans

Big Bang Bar games released

Pinball champion for 2006 crowned

Pinball radio shows

The rise of competitive pinball

"Tilt! - The Battle To Save Pinball" DVD ready to order

A thousand machines go under the crusher

The return of Electromechanicals

2006 Review Of The Year

Pinball reaches Afghanistan

Steve Irwin dies

Big Bang Bars arrive in Europe

$10,000 pinball prize

New home pinball game

Another new video pinball game

Pinball records and rankings

New video pinball game

Pinball museum opens in Paris

Medieval Madness re-run update

Medieval Madness re-run plan

Parts companies form alliance

New pinball music website

Gameroom Magazine sold

2005 Review Of The Year

Crocodile Hunter flyer

Lego pinball game

Crocodile Hunter pictures

Stern wins award

Pinball Factory distributors

New playfield manufacturer

Hurricane Katrina fundraiser

New discussion group

Orange County Choppers returns

New Gottlieb kits

Mr Pinball Australia update

New UK Pinball Show

Gary Stern at 60

PinLED come to the UK

Pinbotz book review

Dennis Nordman returns

Stern responds to Williams sale

Williams sells pinball rights

Another new pinball magazine

European Pinball Championship details

Big Bang Bar problems?

New pinball magazine

Latest Mr Pinball Australia progress report

Home game sales rise

2004 review of the year

Ed Krynski dies

Mr Pinball Australia progress report

Book review

New highscore website

Mr Pinball Australia progress report

Big Bang Bar brought back?

Multiball magazine returns

PAPA flood

New Elvis picture

We introduce our new RSS service

Next Harley run changes

Incredible Technologies' pinball game

Second huge UK auction

Huge UK auction

First Elvis picture

More Splashball pictures

Pinball art sale

New game makes a splash

History Channel pinball show

PinMAME meets real hardware

New ToPS tournament system

Record holder issues challenge

New Australian game manufacturer

John Youssi interview

Pinball in car advert

UK pinball show preview

Eddy petition

Pinformer returns

Bosnian fair closes

Spanish language por favor

Lord of the Rings - first details

Vacation America heads for production

LED replacement displays

UK pinball show - more details

Playboy meets Playboy

Say a little prayer

Duty calls

Play a little pinball


T3 first glimpse

UK pinball show

Monopoly returns

Chicago Tribune article

Pinball Heaven interview

Museum show

Melbourne auction

Simpsons party

Epstein returns

Lyman returns

Virtual Pinball arrives

Crushed ICE plans?

Trivial news

IPB warns distributors

Possible new pinball manufacturer?

Actual new pinball manufacturer

Stern tournament system launched

Pat Lawlor interview

New Dutch and Belgian distributors

Steve Ritchie to make new pinball game

New pinball manufacturer to start up?

Paws for thought

Science Museum exhibit

Pinball Collectors Resource review

More on the EU/US trade dispute

Pinball more accessible

Sharpe designs again

EU proposes pinball price doubling

World Cup Soccer

Austin Powers and Monopoly return

InterGame article and Playboy Mansion visit

This Old Pinball tape review

Play well, win cash

German distribution

Latest Stern newsletter

Greek tragedy

Playboy officially announced

Austin Powers problems

Dutch Championship details

Vending Times article

Review of 2001

STN2 article

Have a lot for lunch

Stern launches newsletter

Stern talks to LED

Stern in Spain

Stern Admits to Monopoly and plugs Austin Powers

Visual Pinball takes off

Monopoly first pictures

Stern Cuts Costs

Got a licence?

Stern Powers Up?

Illinois Pinball's Write Stuff

Stern's website statistics updated

Pinball News Competition Winners

Electrical Windings closure

Dutch Pinball Revival

Belgian Gaming Laws

Pinball News Competition

European review

Stern's website statistics

Dutch Gaming Law changes

Review of the Year - Your Views

Next Stern game details

Pinball News Review of the Year 2000

Steve Kordek retires

Pat Lawlor back in the game

Pinball News in Coinslot

Coinslot magazine sold

Themed games from Stern

William's sells part of pinball division

Roger Sharpe forms new company

Stern's new game now on site

Jon Norris leaves Stern

Stern's new web site is launched

Stern's new game makes an appearance

Pins in Allens new film?

New pinball manufacturer starts up

Pat Lawlor forms new design company

Striker Xtreme speaks out

Budget leaves AMLD rates unchanged


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