The first picture of Stern's next game Iron Man has been released and is now available to pre-order at Pinball Sales for $4649.

Stern's new Iron Man

Based on the movie, the second part of which is released this May, the game features two ramps, a pop-up Iron Monger toy (like the Brain Bug in Starship Troopers or Dr Evil in Austin Powers) as well as a Whiplash ball accelerator and a War Machine ball kicker.

Playfield details
Playfield detail

The playfield design by John Borg replicates the open style of NBA and Big Buck Hunter Pro, placing all the major shots up at the top of the game. There appears to be five characters to collect and six modes to play and a main multiball mode which advance towards the wizard mode.

It's important to remember these are only mocked up images of the game and several elements may change before production begins in time for the movie's release on 7th May 2010.

Many potential buyers had hoped to hear some of the new movie's music tracks by AC/DC included in the game but there's no indication any of these have been licensed. Instead, the game is said to contain 'songs from the Iron Man movie score' which could refer to the original movie instead of Iron Man II.

Iron Man backglass
The backglass image

We'll have much more about Stern's new Iron Man game soon here at Pinball News.


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