Date: 25th January, 2014

The first pictures of Stern's newest game - Mustang - came not from the company itself but from two alternate sources; the Ford website and a visitor to the NADA motor show in New Orleans.

Ford's merchandise site showed a promotional picture of the game cabinet and translite image for what we assume is the Pro model. The page has since been taken down.

The cabinet, backbox and translite art
The cabinet, backbox and translite art

The backbox features red T-molding and, against expectations, a traditional LED DMD display. It had been previously stated that Mustang would feature a colour LCD display, so this has either been pushed back to a later title or is reserved for the higher-end Mustang models.

The left cabinet side features a 1967 GT Fastback, while the translite is a montage of three different Mustangs starring the 2015 model.

The translite image
The translite image

Ford's merchandise page also included details of some of the game's features. It said:

Stern Pinball celebrates 50 years of the legendary Ford Mustang with a feature packed Mustang pinball driving game!

Players will experience the thrill of building an amazing collection of the most desirable Mustangs; including GT's, Mach 1's, Cobras, Boss Mustangs and the 2015 Mustang.

  • Take your Mustangs racing against an array of colorful game characters in 8 different racing scenarios including drifting, drag racing, road races, rallies and police pursuits.

  • Take down the "SHIFT" drop targets to shift your way up thru the gears into "GEARS" Multiball.

  • Shoot around the playfield to earn Ford Racing parts and customize, modify and tune your Mustangs!

  • Advance thru the challenge ladder in order to race in the Silverball Stampede; an all-out coast to coast run against all of the wacky opponents in the game.

  • Features the voice of racing car driver and television host Tanner Foust.

  • Five decades of music to select from by artists like: Motorhead, Jan & Dean, The Romantics and more.

  • Artwork created by GT designer Camilo Pardo.

  • Special Features:

  • "4 Barrel" action pop bumpers.

  • Twin Stacked Supercharger ramps.

  • "Donut Time" captive ball shot.

  • M U S T A N G logo spell out feature indicates game progress.

  • 1/24th scale decorative Mustang.

  • Mystery Ford feature allows players to enhance their car collection with iconic cars from throughout the history of the brand.

Since this information was subsequently removed, it's possible not all of these features will appear or work as described in the final game.

The game debuted at the NADA automotive show at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans where Pinsider sepins from Tampa, Florida took these pictures.

Mustang's playfield
Mustang's playfield
(click to enlarge)

A short left side lane ending in a standup target is the first of seven major shots. The second is the left orbit lane which appears to have two lift-up ramps, allowing the ball to be diverted to either the left or right return ramp.

Mustang's combined orbit and ramps shot
Mustang's combined orbit and ramps shot

Five G-E-A-R-S drop targets (renamed from S-H-I-F-T in the promotional details on Ford's site - we'll leave you to work out why that might be) sit in the centre of the playfield. Above these is a model of an early Mustang design which blocks the view of the lower pop bumpers behind but allows a view of the four top rollover lanes.

The fourth major shot is a scoop to the right of the drop target bank, while shot number five is a captive ball located next to the scoop.

The penultimate major shot is the right orbit which can either feed the left orbit lane or send the ball through the top rollover lanes and into the pop bumpers.

The four top rollover lanes
The four top rollover lanes
(click to enlarge)

Finally, a three-bank of standup targets on the right add accessories to help you customise your current car.

In the centre of the playfield are indicators for the accessories and cars you have collected, along with your currently selected gear and the availability of both the 2015 Mustang wizard mode and the Mystery Ford award.

A video of the game in action has now been posted by sepins, and you can watch it below.

That's all for this first look, but we'll be bringing you all the very latest news about Stern Pinball's new Mustang game right here at Pinball News.

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