Story dated 22nd November 2001. Updated 1st December 2001.


Update: Bidding for this item is now closed. It was won by a bidder called wooalex for the princely sum of $1825.


If you've got some money to donate to a good cause there's a very special auction taking place right now. Two famous names from the pinball world have teamed up to offer a unique opportunity to the winner.

Gary Stern, owner of Stern Pinball Inc and game designer Pat Lawlor have joined forces with Pinballsales.com to offer a lunch with the two men followed by a personal tour of the Stern factory in Melrose Park, Chicago. There you will see Stern's Monopoly game being made as shown in our Pinball Expo report.

The description reads:

"You will enjoy both Gary and Pat's company at Capri, a fine Italian restaurant located near the factory, as well as their incredible knowledge of the history, making, and design of pinball machines as they walk you through a game's production. You are also more than welcome to bring the whole family along."

The auction is being held as part of eBay's Auction for America where all the proceeds go to help the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

If you would like to participate in the auction don't wait too long. Bidding closes on November 29th at 18:40 and at the time of writing the highest bid is $425.

Also available on eBay are several Platinum Edition Monopoly pinball games. These have platinum coloured trim, hold down rail, body armour and legs. The backglass is signed by Stern and Lawlor and the bodywork is signed by John Youssi. The game is fitted with a special commemorative plaque.


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