Story dated 22nd May 2001 - Updated 25th May 2001

Is Stern's next game going to be based on the Austin Powers series of movies? It certainly looks that way.

There have been many rumours of a pinball game based on the Mike Myers character, some stretching back to the days of Sega Pinball. Now, with a third movie in the offing, it looks like the rumours are poised to become reality.

Stern's website has a link to a promotional page, though there are no actual details of the game.

This new game would also appear not to be designed by Pat Lawlor Design as was also reported elsewhere but is an in-house production.

Keith Johnson from Stern Pinball revealed the production team for the new game as follows:

Concept: John Borg & Lonnie Ropp
Playfield: John Borg
Rules/software: Lonnie Ropp
CPU Software support: Dwight Sullivan and Keith Johnson
Dot programming: Keith Johnson
Dot art: Mark Galvez
Sounds/music: Kyle Johnson
Mechanical support: Wes Chang, Ray Tanzer, Joe Balcer

In keeping with Stern's release schedule, we can expect to see their next game appearing on site in July. We'll keep you up to date with developments and bring you full details as they appear.

Update: This story did indeed turn out to be correct. You can see the new game here.


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