Story dated 2nd February 2002

Plans to call the third and final Austin Powers film "Austin Powers in Goldmember" have been abandoned after the owners of the James Bond licence MGM/UA and Danjaq took legal action against the film's makers New Line Cinema.

Stern Pinball Inc have been promoting their Austin Powers pinball by telling dealers about the forthcoming film and used the Goldmember title. Now all New Line's promotional material has been recalled and they are now referring to the film as "the third instalment of Austin Powers" until a better name can be agreed.

"MGM/UA and Danjaq have a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone who tries to trade in on the James Bond franchise without authorization," said an MGM spokesperson. They have objected to the title, saying it is too close for comfort to Goldfinger, the 1964 Bond classic starring Sean Connery.

There is no great urgency to find a new title as the film doesn't open until July 26th 2002 but meanwhile lawyers from both sides are trying to resolve this matter under the Motion Picture Association of America guidelines

Stern are hoping for renewed demand for the Austin Powers pinball when the new film is released and may remanufacture the game if there is sufficient interest.

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