Story dated October 21, 2004

The latest news from Mr Pinball Australia a.k.a. Wayne Gillard and his Pinball Design Team is that they have successfully installed their new playfield router and have been making test samples.

The CNC router cost $4,500 to airfreight from the US and will be used to make the playfields for the company's new pinball game due out in early 2005.

Tests have produced very satisfactory results using 12mm thick 7-ply hoop pine which costs around US$30 per playfield.

US-made playfield have traditionally used a birch finish but birch is not readily available in Australia so hoop pine has been found to create a flawless surface with a very similar colour to birch.

Wayne told Pinball News "It has taken weeks to get it right and we a very close to spitting out a playfield."

He is confident that the team can still keep to the original deadline of producing a whitewood by the end of the year with production early next year.



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