Story dated February 18, 2005

These are the latest pictures from Mr Pinball Australia, Wayne Gillard showing the first whitewood of his forthcoming game.

The three-flippered playfield is still at quite an early stage but some features are already apparent. Inline drop targets make a comeback with four of them leading to a kickout saucer.

Next to that is the entrance to a ramp and to the far left is a loop back up to the top and into the rollover lanes leading to a conventional triangular arrangement of pop bumpers.

Six standup targets an the centre left will probably be used to spell out part of the game's name and can be hit from the upper right flipper.

A second saucer on the right is one of several places a ball can be locked but perhaps the most interesting feature here is hidden from the player under the game's apron.

Not just a regular kickback, this kickout lane can also be used as a ball lock lane with access controlled by an up-post or gate.

This first whitewood has now been stripped down and will for the basis of the second whitewood which is currently in development and will be used to refine the shots and test the operation of the assemblies.

The game will be controlled by a custom designed board set which is approximately 12 weeks away from being delivered.

Pinball News will bring you more details on the game's development as we receive them.


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